Blip revised its Terms of Service and decided to remove my series.

I’ve removed the other pages but will maintain this one separately until such a time as I have uploaded the session footage to another video hosting site.

Session 1 (April – May 2012)
Vandal Udrikol, a dwarf warden, comes in the town of Brindol to trade and inquire about his lost clan. He goes to a tavern called the Antler and Thistle to meet an informant only for the tavern to come under attack from goblins.

1 – Vandal Comes to Brindol
2 – Battle in the Antler and Thistle
3 – Form of Mountain’s Thunder
4 – Introducing Spot the Dog

Session 2 (May – June 2012)
After defending the tavern of the Antler and Thistle, Vandal exits to determine the extent of the damage only to discover the entire town is under attack. Things go from bad to worse when an ogre appears, hauling a cart of explosive barrels.

1 – The Siege of Brindol
2 – Take One For The Team
3 – Failure is the Only Option
4 – Puffs of Purple Faerie Smoke
5 – A Hot Time in the Old Town

Session 3 (June – July 2012)
The night is still young, and Vandal is a woodsy dwarf, so he pursues the goblins through the woods a short way before his fatigue finally catches up with him. Before he can return safely to Brindol however, he is accosted by a feral vampire.

1 – Chasing After the Attackers
2 – Vandal and the Snake Swing
3 – Children of the Night
4 – A Much Needed Extended Rest

Session 4 (July 2012)
Having barely recovered from the previous nights’ events, Vandal is summoned to meet with one of the town council, who offers him a reward if he will rescue several townsfolk who were captured during the attack, along with some stolen artifacts.

1 – Who Are You Going To Call
2 – Interrogating the Goblin