GoldStruck! was the culmination of quite a few terrific things, the least of which was the timely reading of one Homestuck webcomic by dither and cookiemonger. The desire to roleplay was uncontrollable, but a new world was needed for original characters to inhabit. These conditions led to the creation of GoldStruck!

GoldStruck! ran from July 12-25 2012. What follows is a list of links to individual game posts, grouped by post date and accompanied by a brief summary of events.

July 12th
NICK and LANEY are introduced, along with their INTERESTS.

> Be Self-Insert
> Enter name
> Nick: Examine Bedroom
> Laney: Overcome fear
> Nick: Ask About Interests
> Laney: Take care of that
> Nick: Use Computer

July 13th
FINN is introduced, and we learn about the Hollow 2 leak.

> Laney: Investigate downstairs
> Nick: Compose Email
> Have That Conversation
> Have This Conversation
> Be that other guy

July 14th
NICK installs Hollow 2 while FINN tends to odious chores.

> Install The Game
> Finn: Throw cow into Libertina’s gaping maw

July 15th
NICK hosts a game so LANEY can play, but her interface is borked.

> Play the Game. Play Hollow 2
> Laney: Install and play
> Talk to friend about this game that is not happening
> Build Something Else
> Laney: Investigate rumbling
> It’s Time You Two Talked

July 16th
NICK fiddles with the user interface while LANEY interfaces.

> Laney: Explore
> Massive Tangle of Pipework

July 17th
LANEY and FINN encounter challenges of dramatic proportions.

> Laney: Begin to get annoyed at GAMEPLAY
> Finn: Put that DRAGON in its place

July 19th
NICK dives into the incomplete user guide and LANEY fiddles with stuff.

> Use Not Very Helpful Guide
> Laney: Solve SWITCH puzzle

July 23rd
NICK remembers his CHORES. Both LANEY and FINN tend run into problems.

> Remember To Do That Thing
> Laney: Check it out
> Retrieve Shovel From Shed

July 24th
Computers are so useless.

> Laney: Use computer.

July 25th
SOFIA is introduced, and FINN becomes the TEENAGE HERO.

> Be The Lying Status Message
> Finn: Be the TEENAGE HERO. Commence HEROIC battle