“Escape from White Cliff” is a 4e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Campaign History

The campaign ran from 2011.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

Jul 24, 2011
(Prismatic Wall)
WC-E… I Lost Count

Mar 4, 2011
(Zombie Triathlon)
WC-E08 Summary

Mar 2nd, 2001
(Ambush in the Stacks)
WC-E07 Summary
WC-E07 Postmortem

Feb 18th, 2011
(First Boss Fight)
WC-E06 Summary
WC-E06 Postmortem
Navigating the Stacks

Feb 16th, 2011
(The Shadow Troll)
WC-E03 Summary
WC-E03 Postmortem
WC-E03 Last Words
Library Interlude

Feb 14th, 2011
(Fritz and Lazlo)
WC-E02 Summary
WC-E02 Postmortem
WC-E02 Last Words
Whispers in the Dark

Jan 31st, 2011
(Lock and a Hot Place)
WC-E01 Summary
WC-E01 Postmortem
WC-E01 Last Words
Navigating the Wreckage