“Vecna’s Fifth” is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Player Characters

Akordia, female human paladin 5
Anat, female gnome ranger 8
Atala, female human druid 4
Belloq, male elf rogue 3
Beni, male elf rogue 3
Blaster, male halfling barbarian 3
Corvo, male dragonborn fighter 3
Darnek, male human fighter 6
Doud, male dwarf barbarian 2
Knucklebones Ladyhawk, female half-elf wizard 3
Lady Emily, female human sorcerer 3
Gayel, male human warlock 3
Gray, male human cleric 3
Hothmar, male dwarf fighter 1
It’s John Cena!, male half-orc barbarian 4
Limerick, male tiefling bard 2
Lorik, male dwarf druid 8
Master, male half-orc barbarian 3
Melf, male elf cleric 4
Miglacio, male dragonborn cleric 1
Minako, female tiefling paladin 3
Morgran, male dwarf cleric 8
Neelk, male half-elf sorcerer 2
Phoebe, female wood elf monk 3
Pock, male gnome rogue 4
Raiser, male half-elf warlock 4
Sabine Riley, female half-elf bard 3
Sarah “Sera!”, female half-elf warlock 4


The Captain, male human; member of The Aristocrats.
Crunch, male human; member of The Aristocrats.
Dicky Witless, male human; member of The Aristocrats.
– Fergus (deceased), male gnome; hunting lodge member.
– Humperdink (MIA), male gnome; hunting lodge member.
– Idan “Buddy Epsen” (MIA), male gnome; hunting lodge member.
Jenny, female human; member of The Aristocrats.
– Lilandra (retired), female dark elf; captured scout.
– Mojo (deceased), male gnome; hunting lodge member.
– Slop Bamwalla (MIA), male gnome; hunting lodge member.

Non-Player Characters

Artemis, female tiefling, recruited in Hestavar.
Evelyn, female drow, recruited in Hestavar.
Flinn, male high elf; (former) mayor of Silver Hollow.
Lola, female tiefling warlock; Feywild refugee.
Lord Malarkey of Fallcrest
Empress Minga of the Gnomish Empire; Feywild.
Nadia, female human (shadar-kai) cleric of Zehir.
Pearl, female human; contact for Fallcrest slave-buyers.
Raquel, female gnome; owner of Silver Rest Inn.
Wizard “Reggie”, male human reggie (“Wizard”).
Rupert, male gnome cleric; Feywild temple of Melora.
Victoria, female human fighter, recruited in Hestavar.
Zrixyss (deceased), male rakshasa; Brazen ambassador to Hestavar.

Former Player Characters

Beauraugh (retired), male dragonborn fighter
Diggler (deceased), male human druid
Grom (deceased), male half-orc paladin
Larry (deceased), male dragonborn paladin
Orianna (deceased), female tiefling ranger
Picket (deceased), male halfling paladin
Sharkbait (retired), male dwarf barbarian
Shelako (villain), female elf rogue
Valor (deceased), male tiefling bard
Venger (villain), male tiefling necromancer

Campaign History

The campaign began in September 2015.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

April 19
Episode 34
Nick was the DM.

Episode 34 Summary

April 15
Episode 33: Aristocrats, Assemble!
Nick was the DM.

Episode 33 Summary
– Killed 8 ghouls
– Killed 8 orcs
Recruited 4 human entertainers
Reformed “The Aristocrats”
– Claimed Gormly Fort
– Ding! 3rd level (Belloq, Blaster, Ladyhawk, Master)

April 8
Episode 32: The Weight of the World
Nick was the DM.

Episode 32 Summary
– Killed 1 drider
Picket fell in battle
Valor fell in battle
– Near-death (Master; sliced and diced)
– Ding! 2nd level (Belloq, Blaster, Ladyhawk, Master)
– Belloq joined the party
– Blaster joined the party
– Knucklebones Ladyhawk joined the party
– Master joined the party
– Picket joined the party
– Valor joined the party

March 29
Episode 31: The Head of the Tiger
Nick was the DM.

Episode 31 Summary
– Killed 16 cultists
– Killed 1 rakshasa (NPC Zrixyss)
– Acquired the Silver Mask of Kas
– Ding! 3rd level (Minako)
– Ding! 4th level (Atala, John Cena, Raiser)

March 22
Episode 30: Field of Broken Dreams
Nick was the DM.

Episode 30 Summary
– Killed 1 fire elemental
– Killed 6 gargoyles (“chargoyles”)
– Minako joined the party
Orianna fell in battle
– Near-death (Atala; char-goyled)
– Near-death (It’s John Cena; claw-claw-bite)
– Near-death (Raiser; sudden stop)
– Ding! 3rd level (Atala, John Cena, Raiser)

March 15
Episode 29: So We Walked Into Mordor
Nick was the DM.

Episode 29 Summary
– Killed 3 bearded devils
– Atala joined the party
– It’s John Cena! joined the party
– Orianna joined the party
– Raiser joined the party
– Near-death (Atala; bedeviled)
– Ding! 2nd level (Atala, John Cena, Orianna, Raiser)

March 8
Episode 28: The Three Sandwich Solution
Nick was the DM.

Episode 28 Summary
– Killed 4 dire wolves
– Killed 3 cyclopes
Two scarecrows fell in battle
– Ding! 4th level (Melf, Pock, Sarah)

March 1
Episode 27: I’ve Gotta Scarecrow
Nick was the DM.

Episode 27 Summary
– Killed 4 harpies
One scarecrow fell in battle
– Recruited 4 scarecrows

February 23
Episode 26: The Druid Stonewall
Nick was the DM.

Episode 26 Summary
– Killed one berserker
– Killed one manticore
– Near-death (Limerick; manti-gored)
– Ding! 2nd level (Limerick, Melf, Pock, Sarah)

February 16
Episode 25: Academical Undesirables
Nick was the DM.

Episode 25 Summary
– Killed one black dragon wyrmling
– Killed one human thug (left three to die)
– Limerick joined the party
– Melf joined the party
– Pock joined the party
– Sarah joined the party
– Wizard the Reggie joined the party

February 2
Episode 24: One Giant Leap Fomorians
Nick was the DM.

Episode 24 Summary
– Killed two ogres
– Killed one warlock
– Killed one dark elf (chased off 4 NPCs)
– Rescued one crown prince
– Near-death (Gray; bludgeoned, stabbed)
– Ding! 4th level (Emily, Gray)
– Ding! 2nd level (Doud)
– Doud joined the party

January 26
Episode 23: The Trouble With Troglodytes
Nick was the DM.

Episode 23 Summary
– Chased off one mind flayer
– Killed twenty-four troglodytes
– Killed one dark elf (chased off 4 NPCs)
Corvo fell in battle
– Near-death (Emily; bludgeoned)

January 19
Episode 22: There Otyugh Be A Law
Nick was the DM.

Episode 22 Summary
– Killed one cultist
– Killed one otyugh
– Killed five troglodytes
– Killed one dark elf
– Killed two ettins
– Near-death (Emily; mauled, bludgeoned)
– Near-death (Gayel; stabbed, bludgeoned)
– Ding! 3rd level (Corvo, Emily, Gayel, Gray)

January 12
Episode 21: Product Not As Advertised
Nick was the DM.

Episode 21 Summary
– Killed seventeen goblins
– Killed one mimic
– Killed one worg
– Ding! 2nd level (Corvo, Emily, Gayel, Gray)
– Corvo joined the party
– Emily joined the party
– Gayel joined the party
– Gray joined the party

January 4
Episode 20: Lair of the War-bolds
Nick was the DM.

Episode 20 Summary
– Killed one bulette
– Killed thirty kobolds
– Killed one white dragon wyrmling
Larry fell in battle
– Near-death (Neelk; stoned)
– Near-death (Phoebe; stabbed, stoned)
– Ding! 3rd level (Beni, Phoebe, Sabine Riley)
– Ding! 2nd level (Neelk, Sharkbait)
– Sharkbait joined the party

December 29
Episode 19: Let My PCs Go
Nick was the DM.

Episode 19 Summary
– Killed eight slavers, captured one
Diggler fell in battle
Sabine Riley and Neelk captured
– Diggler joined the party
– Hothmar joined the party
– Larry joined the party
– Miglacio joined the party

December 22
Episode 18: Return to the Nentir Vale
Nick was the DM.

Episode 18 Summary (Part 2)
– Killed two bandits (eight bribed to leave)
– Killed one berserker
– Killed one bulette
Grom fell in battle
– Ding! 6th level (Darnek)
– Ding! 2nd level (Beni, Phoebe, Sabine)
– Neelk joined the party

December 15
Episode 17: The Sun God’s Boon
Nick was the DM.

Episode 17 Summary
– Beni joined the party
– Grom joined the party
– Phoebe joined the party
– Sabine joined the party

December 8
Episode 16: Showdown in Sungard
Nick was the DM.

Episode 16 Summary
– Fought and chased off two vampire spawn
– Killed one ghost and chased off three others
– Bargained with two ghosts
– Near-death (Anat; bled by vampires)
– Near-death (Morgran; repeatedly shot by rogues)
– Near-death (Darnek; stabbed, burned, shot, etc)
– Ding! 5th level (Akordia, Darnek)

December 1
Episode 15: Twelve Angry Ghosts
Nick was the DM.

Episode 15 Summary
– Killed three ghosts
– Killed a cloaker
– Chased off three vampire spawn
– Near-death (Darnek; aged 60 years in 6 seconds)
– Ding! 4th level (Akordia, Darnek)

November 24
Episode 14: The Storming of Fort Sungard
Nick was the DM.

Episode 14 Summary (Part 2)
– Killed twenty ghouls (four escaped)
– Killed a ghost
– Killed twelve ghasts
– Near-death (Akordia, Darnek)
– Ding! 8th level (Anat, Lorik, Morgran)
– Ding! 3rd level (Akordia, Darnek)

November 17
Episode 13: An Audience With Pelor and Erathis
Nick was the DM.

Episode 13 Summary
– Akordia joined the party
– Darnek joined the party
– Audience with Pelor and Erathis
– Received quest for Sun Blade
– Made Brazen rakshasa ambassador, “Zrixyss”
– Recruited Artemis, Evelyn, Victoria, et al
– Traveled to Fort Sungard

November 11
Episode 12: HydraFest! And There Was Much Rejoicing?
Jared was the DM.

Episode 12 Summary
– Three weeks passed
– Visited Astrazalian (Feywild)
– Visited Gloomwrought (Shadowfell)
– Visited Arvandor (Astral Sea)
– Visited Hestevar (Astral Sea)
– Visited City of Brass (Elemental Chaos)
– Visited Dis (Nine Hells)
– Celebrated HydraFest
– Anat won archery tournament
– Entire town transformed into yuan-ti
– Took refuge in the dungeon; held the fort
– Killed thirty yuan-ti purebloods
– Killed two yuan-ti halfbloods
– Escaped to Hestevar

November 4
Episode 11: In Which We Killed Six White Dragons
Jared was the DM.

Episode 11 Summary
– Beauraugh used a wish
– Killed 4 white wyrmlings
– Killed 1 adult white dragon (CR 13)
– Killed 1 ancient white dragon (CR 20)

October 28
Episode 10: In Which We Cleared the First Floor
Jared was the DM.

Episode 10 Summary
– Killed a bunch of gnome cannibals
– Killed some gnomish warpugs
– Beauraugh acquired gnomish warpug
– Finished clearing first floor of dungeon
– Scored tremendous treasure
– Party hit 7th level

October 21
Episode 9: In Which We Killed an Iron Golem
Jared was the DM.

Episode 9 Summary
– Killed a roomful of gnome cannibals
– Killed an angry, teleporting iron golem (CR 16)
– Party hit 6th level

October 14
Episode 8: The Importance of Using Charm (Person)
Jared was the DM.

Episode 8 Summary
– Killed 2 yuan-ti halfbloods
– Charmed 3 yuan-ti purebloods
– Interrogated yuan-ti about dungeon
– Relocated yaun-ti to lighthouse
– Took the library without a fight
– Scored a lot of treasure

October 7
Episode 7: We Dance Around the Hydras on an Elephant
Jared was the DM.

Episode 7 Summary
– Discovered secret dungeon exit
– Discovered tons of explosives
– Discovered six-mile lake
– Killed 3 hydras
– Scored sweet hydra treasure

September 30
Episode 6: In Which We Take the Town for 200 Gold
Jared was the DM.

Episode 6 Summary
– Killed 3 yuan-ti
– Killed 2 hell hounds
– Stole deeds to the town
– Rigged a fight to swindle town
– Beauraugh acquired second drow slave
– Shelako joined the party

September 23
No game on account of Salt Lake Comic Con.

September 16
Episode 5: Helmed Horrors Prove Surprisingly Ineffective
Jared was the DM.

Episode 5 Summary
– Destroyed 2 helmed horrors
– Destroyed a half-dozen or more animated armors
– Killed two water elementals

September 9
Episode 4: Tense Negotiations With Feywild Refugees
Jared was the DM.

Episode 4 Summary
– Killed a drow party (all but one)
– Negotiated with Feywild refugees
– Beauraugh acquired a drow slave

September 2
Episode 3: Henchmen Tryouts and Wights in Waiting
Jared was the DM.

Episode 3 Summary
– Killed 2 ogres
– Killed 2 wights
– Killed 1 ettin

August 26
Episode 2: Out to the Old Hunting Lodge
Jared was the DM.

Episode 2 Summary
– Killed some skeletons
– Beauraugh fast-talked an ogre
– Recruited 5 gnome henchmen
– Near-death (Venger; stabbed by skeletons)

August 19
Episode 1: Why Does It Always Have To Be Goblins?
Jared was the DM.

Episode 1 Summary
– Killed some goblins
– Anat joined the party
– Beauraugh joined the party
– Morgran joined the party
– Venger joined the party
– Near-death (Venger; shot with arrows)