“Assault on Maladomini” is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Following their victory against Acererak in the Tomb of Annihilation, the Heroes of Winterhaven returned to find their home still under siege from the undead. Before they could deal with their troubles at home however, they were called away by friendly adventurer Gayal, who warned them of a danger brewing in the Sunderdark.

The party prowled the depths of the ruined subterranean environs, rediscovering many old dangers–and uncovering some new ones. Taking a “shortcut” through the Demonweb Pits and a short jaunt through the Feywild revealed the machinations of Lolth and Zuggtmoy in the Sunderdark.

Infiltrating a ransacked mind flayer enclave, the group dispatched a surviving Elder Brain and trapped its essence within a vessel provided by Gayal. They then learned the true purpose of their endeavor: to complete a ritual of redemption to restore an archdevil to his former angelic position.

The party’s next destination was the plane of Avernus, first circle of Hell. They made contact with the City of Dis on the second circle, and proceeded to slay a consort of the dead Dragon God Tiamat and captured her egg in the process. They returned to the Material Plane after concluding business in Dis.

A brief jaunt to Vor Rukoth, capital of the burgeoning tiefling empire, saw the group joining with former ally Lorik on a mission to assassinate the Imperial regent: Venger. In the process, the heroes uncovered a plot by an evil dryad to infect distant nations with mind-controlling beetles.

The party stopped by Winterhaven briefly to learn of a great many problems stacking up–and ultimately fled when a companion’s fatal decision to spread Spores of Zuggtmoy prompted the Queen of Fungi to begin her invasion of the World.

After evacuating Winterhaven, the group made their final assault on Maladomini, seventh circle of Hell, by way of Cania, the eighth circle. Setting up an Instant Fortress alongside an abandoned quarry, the heroes weathered a blistering siege including a final attack led by Baalzebul himself.

With the ritual of redemption complete, the angel Triel (former archdevil Baalzebul) tasked the heroes with recruiting his former generals (a group of eight angels trapped in the pre-Sundering Underdark) to repel a war on multiple fronts commanded by Zuggtmoy, Lolth, and the archdevil Mephistopheles.

While Triel engaged the forces of Mephistopheles and the generals of Triel held back Lolth, the party attacked Zuggtmoy. The Queen of Fungi withdrew her favor from her former champions, and a deadly battle commenced, concluding in the Queen’s defeat and banishment from the World.

Player Characters

Brother Aniseseed, male human cleric
Adriel Ratheria, female wood elf ranger
The Manticore, male dragonborn fighter
Lord Stonewall, male human fighter

Campaign History

The campaign began in June 2018 and concluded in December.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

Month and Date
Episode N
Gama was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Stuff happened. Natch.
– Placeholder for more stuff.