“Tomb of Annihilation” is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

The Heroes of Winterhaven were approached by a wizard suffering from a wasting illness, a former adventurer whose condition was the result of having been raised from the dead. She contracted the heroes to travel to far-off Chult and find a cure for her ailment.

Upon arriving in Chult, the party made good with a few of the locals and recruited an albino dwarf to act as guide in the jungle. While exploring the wilds, several companions lost their lives: Fumbles the kobold, Redwater the barbarian, and an unknown dragonborn.

The party visited an aarakocra monastery and met with a displaced princess of a long-dead kingdom of Chult. They learned of Omu, a city overrun with yuan-ti, and the mad warlord Ras Nsi. They bid farewell to their dwarven guide and continued the rest of the journey to the lost city.

Encountering a wizard on the way to Omu, the group forged an alliance of convenience: in exchange for sharing certain information about their discoveries in the ruins, the wizard would protect their camp and provide them a base of operations.

In the city, the companions explored a series of shrines dedicated to the dead gods of the city, uncovering the keys to a hidden mega-structure beneath the city. They met only a few non-hostile denizens of the city: an insane cat-ranger and an easily-coerced kobold tribe.

Finally delving into the dungeon beneath the city, the party encountered all manner of fiendish monsters and traps. They eventually found their way to the heart of the tomb, confronted the lich Acererak, and destroyed an incubating atropal the lich had hoped to fashion into a god of undeath.

Player Characters

Brother Aniseseed, male human cleric
Adriel Ratheria, female wood elf ranger
Humperdink, male gnome wizard
Lawrence “The Law”, male half-orc paladin

Retired Characters

Fumbles (deceased), male kobold cleric of Light
Chief “Redpool” Redwater (deceased), male half-orc barbarian
Urist McFighter (deceased), male dragonborn fighter

Campaign History

The campaign began in January 2018 and concluded in May.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

Month and Date
Episode N
Aaron was the DM.

Episode Summary
– Stuff happened. Natch.
– Placeholder for more stuff.