“Against Vecna” is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Alpha Team

Akordia, female human paladin 7
Anat, female gnome ranger 9
Darnek, male human fighter 6
Lorik, male dwarf druid 9
Morgran, male dwarf cleric 9
Ryusei, male dragonborn barbarian 5

Non-Player Characters

Quinn, male human wizard 13; recruited by Akordia (Gloomwrought)
Rupert, male gnome cleric 9; recruited by Anat (Feywild)

Campaign History

The campaign began in June 2016.
Entries are in reverse chronological order.

The Breaking of the Gray Legion

Interlude Summary
– Silhouette destroyed Nerull’s Gray Legion
– Silhouette bartered the domains of necromancy and undeath for fate

The Scourging of Delphi

Interlude Summary
– Rhea devastated Delphi with an earthquake

September 13
Episode 13: Dawn of a New God
Nick was the DM.

Episode 13 Summary
– Entered level 4 of Silver Pages
– Killed simulacrum of Venger
– Channeled aspect of Ioun
– Killed 1 assassin (Shelako)
– Killed 1 vampire lord
– Killed 1 mummy lord
– Killed avatar of Vecna
– Destroyed Book of Vile Darkness

September 6
Episode 12: Flight from Silver Pudding
Nick was the DM.

Episode 12 Summary
– Evacuated Silver Pudding to White Cliff
– Entered level 3 of Silver Pages
– Killed 1 iron golem

The Sack of Ionic

Interlude Summary
– Malako’s army ransacked town of Ionic

The Battle of Sarthel

Interlude Summary
– Vampire army destroyed by Malako

August 30
Episode 11:
Nick was the DM.

Episode 11 Summary
– Reincarnated Darnek as dark elf
– Killed 1 stone golem

August 23
Episode 10: The Hulks in the Walls
Nick was the DM.

Episode 10 Summary
– Recovered Darnek’s body
– Entered level 2 of Silver Pages
– Killed 6 umber hulks

August 16
Episode 9: The Silent Library
Nick was the DM.

Episode 9 Summary
– Teleported into Silver Pages library
– Killed 3 mummies
Gayal captured
Lucian captured

August 9
Episode 8: Snake-Men of Silver Pages
Nick was the DM.

Episode 8 Summary
– Killed 4 fomorians
– Killed 2 yuan-ti abominationed
Darnek fell in combat

August 2
Episode 7: Return to Silver Hollow
Nick was the DM.

Episode 7 Summary
– Quinn started building a tower in Silver Pudding
– Constructed a barn for halfling farmers
– Explored the ground floor of Silver Hollow
– Re-entered the ruin of Silver Hollow
– Killed 1 yuan-ti abomination

July 26
Episode 6: Return to Silver Pudding
Nick was the DM.

Episode 6 Summary
– Emily learned her uncle died in mage-duel
– Families of patrolmen found dead in Silver Pudding
– Alpha Team returned to Silver Pudding
– PCs contacted Zane et al, near Zvomanara
PCs resolve to restore Font of Knowledge
– Killed 6 drow elite warriors
– Retook Gormley Keep

July 19
Episode 5: Now A Message From Our Wizard
Nick was the DM.

Episode 5 Summary
– Anat’s family arrives in Silver Pudding
– Alpha Team met drow called “The General”
– Met wizard Quinn (NPC) at Conservatory
– Learned about:
1. Disappearance of Book of Vile Darkness
2. Nadia is leader of Zehir’s temple
3. Nira alive and working for the city
4. Raven Queen murderer by Orcus
5. Demon army assaulted Gloomwrought
6. Crimson Sashes de facto military
– Met with dark elf ruler of Gloomwrought
– Learned about:
1. Vecna cult located in Pandemonium
2. Vecna cult located in Citadel Cavitius

July 12
Episode 4: With Worms Rampant
Nick was the DM.

Episode 4 Summary
– John Cena receives book offer from pixie
– Sera called out by cowardly warlock
– Discovered dead patrol
– Killed 2 wights (B-Team)
– Explored Deep Darkness (dungeon)
– Killed 1 purple worm (A-Team)

July 5
Episode 3: Attacks At Home
Nick was the DM.

Episode 3 Summary
– Learned about:
1. Massacre of Clipped Wing
2. Disbanding of Deathless Watch
3. Re-dedication of Raven’s Eyrie
– Killed 12 yuan-ti purebloods (B-Team)
– Near-death (Rylie)
– Limerick fell in battle

June 28
Episode 2: Once More Unto the Bleak
Nick was the DM.

Episode 2 Summary
– PCs audited and distributed treasure
– Killed n quaggoths (B-Team)
– Alpha team traveled to Gloomwrought
– Killed 2 ‘tombstone’ golems (A-Team)

June 21
Episode 1: Against Vecna
Nick was the DM.

Episode 1 Summary
PCs resolved to travel to Gloomwrought
– Emily received bad news from home
– Rupert (NPC) refuses orders to return home
– Lorik receives invitation from druids
– Killed 4 drow elite warriors
– Near-death (Darnek, Morgran)