From August to September 2013, I created more direct rewrites of the eight basic classes presented in the Fourth Edition Player’s Handbook — Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, Warlord, and Wizard.

These are “Heroic” classes — they only span the first ten levels of play. They’re designed for a direct comparison to the original classes as an experiment in eliminating the bookkeeping of daily powers in favor of features.

Essentials Templar Cleric (Aug 13, 2013)
Divine leader, the Templar is a straightforward rewrite of the basic Templar — eliminating need of deities for powers, and incorporating at-will healing. The Templar is more aggressive than my earlier Monk and Healer leaders.
Download: Templar (Cleric) v.1

Essentials Dragoon Class (Sep 12, 2013)
Martial defender, the Dragoon is a paragon of martial supremacy — he protects himself and his allies from incoming charge attacks using his enhanced reach and unprecedented flexibility in opportunity actions. This is a cool class.
Download: Dragoon (Fighter) v.1

Heroic Guardian Paladin (Aug 15, 2013)
Divine and Martial defender, the Guardian is another “no frills” kind of Paladin. The Guardian protects allies by taking hits for them, which enables use of his Righteous Smite — only accessible while the Guardian is bloodied.
Download: Guardian (Paladin) v.1

Essentials Archer Class (Sep 19, 2013)
Primal and Martial striker, the Archer came about when I realized the Swashbuckler Ranger I had written belonged “too much” to the Martial source and I preferred to include a Primal Ranger. The Archer filled the role quite naturally.
Download: Archer (Ranged) v.2

Essentials Scoundrel Rogue (Aug 14, 2013)
Martial striker, the Scoundrel is a straightforward slimming-down of the classic Rogue and Essentials Thief classes. In some versions I’ve replaced the encounter attack power with Backstab. I’m still not sure what I prefer.
Download: Scoundrel (Rogue) v.1

Essentials Cultist Warlock (Aug 27, 2013)
Shadow striker, the Cultist represents my vision of a more straightforward “dark” Warlock that doesn’t rely on gimmicky mechanics. It follows my realization that the Warlock’s flavor coincides with the Shadow source, not the Arcane source.
Download: Cultist (Warlock) v.1

Essentials Marshal Warlord (Sep 4, 2013)
Martial leader, the Marshal has at-will healing and uses the “exploded” model for leader healing — rather than scaling powers, I’ve underlined their effectiveness by making “improved healing” an essential part of leader class features.
Download: Marshal (Warlord) v.2

Revised Essentials Warmage (Aug 29, 2013)
Arcane controller, the Warmage draws inspiration from older versions of the classic “Magic Missile” spell for its encounter powers. Wizard rewrites and remixes have proved difficult to design as the original class is considerably lacking.
Download: Warmage (Wizard) v.2