War of the Seven States of Magic, or WotSSoM, is an ongoing project that has been in continuous development since 2006. It is a diverse multimedia project, spanning board games, card games, roleplaying games, interactive fiction, short stories, and webcomics, with more to come over the next few years.

Seven States shares a common setting. The cosmology is based around seven elements or “states” of magic, and the influence each state exerts upon reality. Rumors of War, the webcomic that gives its name to the site, is a story inspired by Greek mythology and takes place in the Seven States cosmology.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain the “Seven States” concept is to compare states of magic to phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Magic moving through different phases, or states as the case may be, enables users access to many, different effects. Ultimately, magic is magic regardless of state.

Some states may be familiar to gamers as “schools” or “traditions.” Some states correspond to classic representations of magic like Necromancy, Conjuration, or Divination. Others are “break out” traditions. The states are as follows: Natural, Primeval, Elemental, Empyreal, Ethereal, Sidereal, and Spectral.

While the Seven States of magic form the core of the shared setting, the RPG has numerous subsystems designed to aid character development and worldbuilding. Systems such as Crafts and Professions Trades, a Factions and Affiliations system, and an extensive Character Archetype system based on expressions of magic.

As more information becomes available, and the available information becomes better organized, this page will update to reflect that.

The War of the Seven States of Magic RPG includes the following systems:
– Seven States Cosmology
– Ability Scores
– Alignment
– Character Development
– Racial Archetypes
– Class Archetypes
– Trades System
– Skill System
– Equipment Archetypes
– Combat System
– Settlement Generator
– Subplot Generator
– Dungeon Generator
– Magic Rituals
– Magic Arms/Armor