I’ve been playing and game mastering Dungeons & Dragons for ten years, and I’ve designed and developed tons of creatures, characters, and miscellaneous content across two major editions of the game rules. It’s time to give something back.

I’ve worked with a handful of different groups on different D&D projects but I’m not interested in doing anything commercial with Dee Point Five. The name represents its “in between” nature, as an experiment in game design.

Free Source Thesis
I don’t display the d20 Open Game License on my site (my work is available for perusal under Fair Use and you’re welcome to reference it however you like) however you can generally assume material on my site agrees with the OGL.

It doesn’t serve my purpose (develop my skills as a game designer) to misuse or misrepresent the product identity of Wizards of the Coast, so I won’t. I want to make my own game, not pass off their material as my own.

This isn’t a license agreement, it’s a promise. I’m an independent researcher and game designer, and it violates my principles to steal another’s work. So I won’t.

What I will do is analyze published games and comment upon them. My reference system is lazy but I’m not trying to create a cohesive paper to publish in a science journal, so you’re open to laugh at my references to ‘works cited.’

I won’t copy or reprint any D&D stuff I didn’t write myself that isn’t for my own personal use, and I will remove anything upon request of the owner.

Hypothetical Changes
Though I tend to write in the imperative, please note “proposed changes” to a published game or game system are hypothetical changes were the game my property — and based on observation, experimentation, and speculation.

Sometimes I provide evidence for hypotheses, sometimes I don’t. I postulate, observe, speculate, and experiment — and my work is sloppy and disorganized.

* Point By Point March 13th, 2013

Nomenclature: abilities, features, powers, et cetera
“Abilities” refer only to ability scores.
“Features” refer to passive, inherent effects.
“Powers” refer to active, use-based effects.

Core mechanics: adoption of “recharge magic” system
Re-identified as “power recharge” system, applied to all powers.

Core mechanics: adoption of “action point” system
Re-identified as “action surge,” usage limitations changed.
Concept of “basic actions” and “encounter” introduced.