Scores of a Science Hero
Aug 1, 2014
What would a game based on the Scientific Method look like? What if your character’s abilities were Research, Observation, Analysis, and Postulation? That might be a very interesting game. And someday I may finish it.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Mar 13, 2012
“Use evidence on liar” really would work as the premise of an adventure game. It’s really too bad that Ace Attorney contrives circumstances and you don’t get to “just play the game.” I blame visual novels.

Magical Law Enforcement
Feb 13, 2012
What if murder left a stain on a person’s soul that could be detected with magic? That might make some things easier (arguably, that’s how “detect evil” works in 3e) but that could seriously complicate your game world.

Information as an Abstract Resource
Feb 13, 2012
I can’t help but think that information would be a lot more helpful if it could be traded (and treated) like an actual commodity in gaming. But knowing something is different from the knowledge being useful or applicable.

Some Numbers To Contemplate
Jan 19, 2012
Elder Sign has some of the same investigative elements as Arkham Horror. Enough that I felt compelled to review some of the game pieces to look for trends and commonalities. Who knows, it might become useful?