Elric Darme

Elric Darme is a character I’ve played in a few games. The prototype for Elric was arguably a “shepherd” in a Serenity campaign under a different name.

Different Iterations
If memory serves, the first incarnation of Elric was a Lawful Good cleric in a one-on-one D&D campaign. The adventure ran out of steam by the time Elric hit 4th level, and then he spent some time on the bench before he got picked up for a play-by-post forum campaign. From there, he advanced another 2-3 levels.

It was a while before I had the opportunity to play him again. Now, I don’t recall if one game came between the other, but on two separate occasions Elric was “reset” to 1st or “0th” level for new campaigns (and new game masters).

Character Development
Of the characters I’ve played, Elric probably has the most background, by sheer accumulation. He has complex and interesting beliefs, and there’s an “arc” to the development of his character. Someday I might have to commit him to a novel.

Most of the related writing on my blog is taken from the play-by-post game I participated in, which was the longest run Elric has seen. At some point in the future, I’ll add my play notes from the other games for some perspective.

Play-By-Post Writing
Elric arrives in the village of Steinroad to find it has suffered a recent attack. He contributes to the cleanup effort and tells his tale to a trio of curious minstrels.
> Arrival of Elric Darme at Steinroad
> Elric Aids the Cleanup Effort
> Elric Tells of His Adventures

When the bards press him for information about the wyrmling Bravack, Elric explains at length his philosophy for dealing with such creatures, evil or otherwise.
> Elric Tells of the Dragon Bravack
> Elric Concludes the Tale of Bravack
> Concluding Words and Continuing Work

Elric meets Elena during the cleanup effort at Steinroad and the two join forces. They are subsequently hired by Rigaldo to find and return the kidnapped Priscilla.
> Bad Dreams and Introductions
> The Quest Takes Shape
> Quests and Questions

Elric and Elena follow the road to the slave city of Yervales. They’re attacked by slavers on the road and dispatch them, taking one alive to bring to justice.
> Slavers on the Road
> Aftermath of the Slaver Fight
> The Dwarf, the Bounty, and the City

After taking refuge at the Church of Labona, Elric rescues a young woman named Alice and vows to protect her. He tracks her assailant by a torn piece of fabric.
> Distressed Damsel
> Of Rabbit Holes
> Trip to the Tailor

A fight breaks out at the tailor’s shop when a pair of assassins arrive to collect. Elric apprehends one of the assassins and relates the events in the shop.
> Five-Round Battle Plan
> No-One To Blame
> The Plot Thickens

Elric learns his best chance to save Priscilla is to gain entrance to the noble’s district, however he cannot enter without permission, so he seeks out “Boti.”
> Grey Hairs and Dead Ends
> The Devil Herself
> Deal Or No Deal

Alice’s time is up, and Elric must turn her over to her slave-master. Neither Elric nor the church can protect her, and Elena is visibly shaken.
> Written In Blood
> Bitter Medicine
> Those Who Hunt Monsters

Elric takes steps to ensure the health and well-being of Elena, and the two of them embark on an unsavory mission to become bounty hunters – all to save Priscilla.
> Rings And Things
> An Orc Does His Business
> No Harm No Foul

Upon returning from their mission, Elric seeks information about Boti but Elena is kidnapped and enters a contract with the vampire to become her champion.
> Gather Information
> The Vampire’s Champion
> The Knight-Captain’s Dilemma

Priscilla is saved, but at what cost? Elena has lost her freedom perhaps even her soul, and a vampire stalks the adventurers. Elric turns down a “pest quest.”
> Elric’s Brush With Darkness
> Kill Ten Rats
> Watering the Hole

Several new faces show up in Steinroad, including a druid who takes a shining to Elena, and a strange wizard who distracts Elric from his duties.
> Inara and Santa Arrive
> Beggars Can’t Be Choosers
> Inara Bares All

The “pest quest” takes a deadly turn, and a bamboozled Elric makes his way into the wererat’s lair in time to save Elena and their new allies.
> Meanwhile Upstairs
> The Cleric to the Rescue
> The Tooth of the Matter

Luemus offers to lead Elena to a local druid circle in search of a cure for her shapeshifting. He’s nearly slain when the group is attacked by fell beasts.
> Curse of the Were Thing
> If a Druid Falls in the Woods
> Waiting for Godot

With the party trapped in the grove waiting for the circle, Elric acts as peacekeeper between his terrified companions and the druids.
> Natural Order
> Apathetic Neutral
> Cleric Have to Choke A Birch

After exhaustive negotiations, the circle removes the affliction of lycanthropy from the party, but not before (temporarily) stripping Elric of his powers.
> No Sympathy for the Druid
> Righteous Indignation
> Meredith Arrives At Steinroad

Elric takes several days to himself to pray. The party then embarks on a journey to the north, where they are met by an army of the undead.
> A New Direction
> The Divine Connection
> Elric the Commander

Luemus is caught off-guard and nearly slain by the undead in the woods, and Elric marshals the party to temporary victory despite overwhelming numbers.
> The Half-Dead Druid
> Just Like That