I built Allandra as an Eladrin Wizard for 4e D&D. The character is a little marred in my memory, for some of the events that led to particular developments both at and away from the table. That aside, she was one of my “most successful” D&D characters ever, having progressed from 3rd to 11th level at the table.

Wizards, and the controller role by extension, got the short end of the stick in the Player’s Handbook. My single most useful “Wizard” power was arguably the encounter-power teleport granted by the Eladrin race. You read that right.

Originally an “orb-based” Wizard, it quickly became apparent that I would never have the resources (or companions) I would need to be a “proper” Wizard in any regard. So I altered my character to fit the party — a couple of Rangers.

Heroic Tier

Allandra joined the campaign at 3rd level, partway into Keep on the Shadowfell. The party had been to the Keep once or twice somehow despite having missed the “triggering event” to send them to the keep in the first place, and had established a fair bit of “background” with the NPCs and locations.

The group was also well-established so I was at a distinct disadvantage.