Some characters have their own pages, owing to a longer adventuring career.

Allandra (Character)
Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Originally an Eladrin Wizard, I later multi-classed Allandra into Cleric to provide support for a growing party of adventurers. As with most of the characters I’ve played for any real length of time, Allandra changed substantially through play.

Since the majority of Allandra’s personality was developed at the table, the only references you’ll find to her in my blog are my reflections on the character, and any play notes I happen to transcribe, copy over, or upload. (Unlikely.)

Campaign Trail: Allandra Begins (Oct 16, 2010)
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Angelique Joy Harper
Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Campaign Trail: Angelique za Paper (Sep 26, 2010)

Catherine “Cate” Kathleen
Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Dennis the Traveler (Character)
Mage: the Ascension
Campaign Trail: Dennis the Traveler (Nov 21, 2010)

Drowski (Character)
Star Wars Saga Edition

Elric Darme (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Originally a Human Cleric, Elric Darme is a character I developed across several different campaigns. I played a “Shepherd” in a Serenity campaign who served as a prototype for the character’s basic ethos, while the majority of his personality was developed in a play-by-post forum game.

Most of the writing related to Elric is lifted directly from the above PbP game, though a great deal of Elric’s background was developed behind-the-scenes over Skype and via Private Messages in the forum, neither of which I have access to, nor interest in, publishing to the website.

Elric Darme the Good (Oct 14, 2010)
Brother Elric Darme (Oct 16, 2010)
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Florence Fairweather
Changeling: The Lost
The Stripper Who Stole Christmas (Dec 21, 2010)
Campaign Trails: Florence Fairweather (Dec 8, 2010)

The Manticore (Character)
Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Myrean Webster (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

The character belongs to a good friend of mine of many years, though I’ve seen this character through many stages of development. Myrean took part in the first Dungeons & Dragons I game-mastered, and I had the pleasure of participating in his development through a one-on-one campaign in a setting of my own creation.

Nensche the Bard (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Nensche was built as a “Silverbrow Human” Bard, using rules from Dragon Magic to build a Bard who was more in touch with his magic side. The character was the primary influence for Nenshe from Rumors of War and related projects.

His schtick was being a Chaotic Good character in a party of cutthroats. When the group encountered some kobolds, Nensche negotiated a ceasefire based upon their draconic ancestry. Then the group’s paladin started in with the “Jack Bauer Interrogation Techniques” and Nensche was not pleased.

An appeal was made, which was ignored — and a scuffle broke out. The party sided with the paladin, ganged up on Nensche, and hauled him back to town.

Nilha’nonnig (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Redguard Longar (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Rurar’nonnig (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Thamian Crowe (Character)
Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Vandal Udirkol (Character)
Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons