Norvendae is the fictional world I began developing when I was eleven. It now represents a collection of my creative work.

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Nick but you can call me Dither. I’m a lifelong learner.

I’m a husband and a father. I’m a narrative designer and game developer.

I live in Salt Lake City and I do lots of stuff. I maintain and provide content for this website. Most of what you see I made myself. I also host some stories that inspired me to write — which had previously been lost to the Internet.

I’ve performed on-stage as an actor and dancer, I’ve written and performed a monologue or two. I’ve directed for the stage, and managed stage lighting.

I taught myself basic audio engineering techniques over a weekend to fill in as lead audio tech at Anime Expo — the largest anime convention in the US.

I’ve been an emcee for theater, campfires, awards ceremonies, and contests — I’ve performed improvised comedy — and accumulated hundreds of hours of convention experience in organizing, planning, and hosting events.

What I Do

I make games.

I’m developing a massive cross-platform, multimedia project (board games, card games, role-playing games, video games, short fiction, and more) that’s been in the works for almost a decade, called War of the Seven States of Magic.

I’ve been making games for over fifteen years, using software like Klik & Play, Multimedia Fusion, Adventure Game Studio, Inform 7, and RPG Maker.

I’m always working. I like performing research and solving problems.

Who I Make Games For

Everyone. People who want to learn. People who feel ignored or cheated.

People who feel like they were promised this really great thing but when the time came to collect, the thing was yanked away — or it had never existed.

People who were told “if they just worked hard enough.”

What They Need

Acknowledgment. Confidence. Self-esteem. Validation. Everything they were promised but never actually given — I don’t mean things they were supposed to “work for,” but things they were told would be given to them.

People need a constant stream of feedback in order to grow and develop. Without this feedback loop, people can’t improve.

How They Are Transformed

I give people hope. I restore their faith in humanity.

Games provide feedback loops so players can rapidly experiment with multiple options to find the most efficient method of accomplishing goals. This skill provides incredible benefits to relationships and social interactions.

I make games to share the basic idea that you can meet your expectations, and that by working with and for other people, you can get what you want.