I’ve been up to a couple different things the last few months. Less than a week after my previous post, I accepted a job with Coursetune where I have been happily and busily working on QA and development with a smorgasbord of customer service and miscellaneous things.

Some life stuff happened. We’re pregnant, expecting our third in September. Everything with the baby is going well so far. Medicare is great, but the state of Utah sucks. Our case worker changed and the new one decided we should pay thou$and$ for our medication. I still haven’t gotten the coward on the phone yet, so I may need to go into the office.

I like working, and for a little while it looked like we could get a house and move out. That fizzled because the homeowner we were talking to didn’t really have a plan to move anytime soon. Not… really what we were hoping for, so we’re looking at apartments. There’s… other stuff. I’ve been more active on Twitter lately because I don’t have time to blog, really. But you came here for game stuff, yeah?

Code generation was going great but I was working on lots of game logic which has to be hand-coded and that kinda defeated the purpose of code generation. I also ran into some weird problems keeping my database objects in-line and I was working on lots of UI components. I now realize I hadn’t separated my DAO well enough from my logic. That’s fixable though, no biggie. I need to separate my DAO and my queries so I’m only replacing the stuff that needs to be updated when the database itself needs to change.

I started a tutorial series on lightweight Java game library, with the unpronounceable acronym LWJGL which might as well be a Sumerian deity. I’m currently working through the lighting and shader portions, and I’m looking forward to additional terrain and effects generation a bit down the line. If particular interest to me is of course the updated OpenGL pipeline (most widely available tutorials use the deprecated pipeline) and I need a better understanding so I can get a mouse picker working.

At which point you go, “ahh-” and I’m like, “yeah, that thing.” The mouse picker has been my personal bugbear since last summer. I’ve learned quite a bit since then, and now you have a bit of insight into why the software development process takes such a long time. (I can’t find a fricken’ tutorial written in the last decade…)

So there’s lots of good news. LWJGL has built in linear algebra stuff. It means among other things that I can rewrite my planet generator stuff and expect it to work with the new OpenGL pipeline, without the baggage that comes with JOGL. (Sigh)

Then of course there’s the point that my job is in QA and software development, which enables me to see new architectures and work on a User Interface that’s already in use by users! (Use, use, use.) I’ve picked up some more do’s and don’ts along the way, and I’ve learned quite a bit about web application development.

I’m embattled as to whether I should switch to developing my application for web. I don’t really want to change but developing for web does shortcut a lot of my future development plans, but it introduces a slew of new problems which, while relevant to my job, stand to setback my own project development. So… mmyeah. Not super happy with switching. It’s like, maybe if I hadn’t taken so long to get mouse picking (which I still don’t have!) and some other things had worked out for me. Sigh

This post has gotten long in the tooth, so I’m going to cut it off here. Lots to do!