My software developer internship ended, so I’m looking for another job.

In the meantime, I’m going back to work on World Serpent. There are a lot of things I’m going to have to get used to again, like how to use a Windows machine. After six weeks of working on a Mac, my keyboard shortcuts are all out of whack. I keep hitting the Alt key instead of Ctrl in order to do stuff. Alt doesn’t hardly do anything in most Windows configurations.


I have a bunch of stuff that I know now that I didn’t know six weeks ago. Building Science stuff. How to read a physics equation and turn it into code. I have a much better idea of what the SI units are and how to convert between them. I’m putting the “science” into my Computer Science education. Rawr!

Among other things, this should enable me to debug those planetary simulations I was writing. I didn’t go super in-depth with linear algebra but I have done a lot of work that will help me “ease” into the parts that I struggled with in class.

I learned quite a bit about Automated Code Generation, I learned some tricks for persisting data, plus I’m now armed with a plethora of tools for accomplishing so many tasks that I didn’t even know were POSSIBLE before. I’ve learned much more practical limitations for computer software than the ones taught in school (which were bullshit and you should forget what your teachers told you).

I had a lot of ideas for what I wanted to put in this blog post but I realize it’s been an hour and a half since I started and I’d much rather be working than staring WordPress. I’m going to cut it off here, and fill you in with more details later (if they’re still relevant).