I took some notes from Friday’s game. I am “full-time Dungeon Master” for the first time in over a year. Things went pretty well for a first session. I introduced (in an abstract way) the campaign format and the plot hook, and then we started in with an investigation, led by cookiemonger’s warlock detective Lurlene.

• Players got symbol for Eternal Hourglass doomsday cult from dreams and Garrett’s new wizard character; hourglass is sideways like infinity symbol, contains sand of a primordial, travels through time witnessing events, and when it runs out the universe ends (rumored)
• Lurlene, Seraphina, Chattermouse, and Garrett (wizard) in attendance

• cookiemonger wanted an investigation so I improvised a plot where a dark self scion fell in with the doomsday cult; initially Lurlene was invited to the house of Lady Cucolut Duskslayer who offered the detective 500 gp plus expenses (100 gp advance) to find and help remove her daughter from the cult; the only lead she could offer was the name of the boyfriend “Gorges.” (gorgeous)

• Garrett signed on as Lurlene’s intern and led the next stage of the investigation, tracking the boyfriend to the “flood” district; formerly known as the opulent moon district, it fell under the waterfall when Fallcrest descended into the Underdark; Garrett “turned the wrong corner” and was confronted by three bullywugs who threatened the party with violence

• Things got silly when the bullywug demanded if Garrett was the detective looking for Gorges and Garrett said he was gorgeous. I asked him to make a deception check and the stupid bullywugs took him at his word; he got the location Gorges was hiding at, and the party quickly moved along to stake out Gorges’s shack

• With seven waterlogged shacks to choose from, Chattermouse transformed into a badger and began literally sniffing around; she quickly located the dark elf’s shank but also discovered a “wonderful offal” smell, which she barely resisted. The party set up an elaborate way of nabbing Gorges: Lurlene took up a sniper position, Seraphina knocked over an inkpot on his desk to distract the dark elf while Chattermouse snuck in, and then when they positively identified him, Seraphina hit him with Tasha’s hideous laughter

• The interrogation was most of the evening: I gave Gorges an annoyed teenager voice (Napoleon) and Garrett attempted to bond with him, calling him the “cool kid.” It eventually came out that Gorges was working on a magical axe “death metal” song that could cause a destructive wave, and that he had dropped out of bard training at White Cliff. (Garrett recognized him)

• Eventually the party decided to detain him, and as they were headed out, Chattermouse poked her nose in to investigate the wonderful offal to discover (but failed to identify) an otyugh enclosed in the shacks “basement,” where it was apparently being used for waste disposal