WordPress updated and now I have a new editor. Not to be a Loony Luddite, but I hate it. It reminds me of um, Jupyter Notebook and its weird block editing… OH WAIT IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THAT AUGH. I guess that’s what happened. WordPress moved to “notebook-style editing.” Le sigh.

So yeah. New year, new semester. Holy carp I’m in my last semester of college. I will graduate in May. Unlike last semester (and the semester previous) where I was working my butt off to turn in as much work as I could to scrape together a passing grade, this semester is “light.”

…In the sense that I’m only taking a full course load that includes my capstone project and applying for jobs and grading programming assignments for one or two classes and developing an executive summary for an entrepreneurship competition next month… what was I saying?

I think I was getting to a point where I could say I might have time to blog a bit more this semester that I have in either previous semesters. I have done lots of work and boasted about it -SO- little, you’d think I died. I might have died. A little. Once or twice. Pbbbt.