I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t written a blog post in the last few days. This isn’t always the case: often I begin writing a blog post and discard it, or upon completing a post, choose to either delay it or shelve it entirely.

But I haven’t had time to post the last couple days because I’ve been busy coding.

Just to bring you up to speed:
Blades in the Dark faction system spun off into full “side” project. Then set aside to perform major overhaul/refactor of character generator.
– Major refactor on character generator brought it more or less up to speed with the above.
– Began implementation of “Immortals” package to replace deities from original implementation of character generator. Integrates deities and cosmic beings from world religion and mythology. Currently contains database of over 1,700 cosmic beings. (Yay!)
– Just yesterday(!) began rewrite of StarGen project based on Classic Traveller extended world/system generation method. Nearly completed in less than 24 hours what once took several weeks of work. (Yay?)

If I have time later, I’ll write a bit more about individual notes from above.