I was super lax on blog updates last week, and I know my last update was a brief overview of stuff I did. So this post is literally no better. (Hopefully the rest of the week will be.)

– I expanded the Immortals object and added most of Greek mythology. I added lots of other random cosmic entities, bringing the total number of entities to over three thousand.
– I started work on the Pantheon object, which will function as a “Faction” for divinities. It will use the Faction interface I’m developing for precisely the purpose of interacting with other factions.
– I more or less finished my rewrite of the StarGen project, and even added features which I previously disregarded. I have a lot to say about StarGen, but I don’t have time for it. Let’s just say Stars Without Number is involved… ?

My goals for “by end of day” will be to have made some progress on CharGen so that I can fill out the rest of advancement for each of the character classes, and to have a name generator that sources my Immortal/Pantheon objects for use in naming stars and worlds.