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Over the weekend I finished level advancement for all twelve Player’s Handbook classes. I decided to celebrate by posting a randomly-generated character every hour for 24 hours, and I’m glad I did because I found a bunch of bugs in the process.

While I’m exuberant that I finished implementation for all the characters classes, I have a lot of work left to do on multiple fronts. For starters, fixing the bugs that I found (which included an annoying one with Sneak Attack that means adding a bunch more features and some other stuff I’d hoped to avoid).

There is of course the overhaul of racial features which I need now because I breezed over them when I originally wrote the “Race” object a bajillion years ago (how long ago doesn’t really matter to me anymore, that’s like, so past). From whatever I build in the refactor, I’ll add tons more races because it’s my intent to eventually add first “every playable race” and eventually a “procedurally generated race” option.


There are so many more things to add, too! I’ve been plumbing different RPGs for ways to improve the application. I’m going to build a relationship system that combines the aspects of Traveller with Blades in the Dark (and a half dozen other games) to create factions and pantheons and new races and conflicts that span entire worlds and the cosmos!

It’s exciting, and a lot of it began with just the character generator!

I have to add treasure generation and work out distribution, and make sure everything adds up correctly (magic items and race & class features and all that). This is by far the most stable and maintainable version of CharGen I’ve built so far, and I’m on a roll with development.

I have some updates regarding StarGen that need to go up, but I just don’t have time to talk about ANYTHING right now. I shouldn’t have even taken the time to post about this… or the 24 hours of characters posted.

All that said, I finally went out and started looking at other 5e character generators. I like a few that I saw in the landscape, but only one or two that broke my heart. I will plow forward, adding as much content as I can- better, stronger, faster! (Et cetera, et cetera)