Argh! I’m nerding out so hard, you don’t even know it.

The sample output from my last post might have been hard to read because I had to cut so much just to make it fit. What it simulates is a randomly-generated crew from Blades in the Dark going on a series of randomly-generated scores whose outcomes are randomly generated.

I’m not even sure where to start talking about how cool this all is.

I wrote the system so that there’s basically one “player character” crew that’s doing all the work, but my plan is to integrate this system with my hierarchy (sample output from a month ago?) so that… ARGH WHERE DO I BEGIN?

Factions are procedurally generated, inserted into a hierarchy, and then they start fighting for dominance! They mess with each, seize territory, and all that good stuff. I’m making notes for how to abstract code as I go along so I can refactor later.

Okay, so going back a little bit… all the factions in the current simulation are ripped straight from Blades in the Dark. My plan for a future iteration is to procedurally generate each faction that goes into the hierarchy.

Then, THEN, as each random faction goes about its operations, it causes trouble for the others and they develop alliances and hostilities. I’m working out the different behaviors and granulated actions, but so much is already working! It’s exciting!

I mean, I’ve already worked out how I want to cycle through factions and present them with opportunities… oh, there’s just so much I can do with this already! And the stuff I still want to do is so great!

Like, one of my projects on the back burner that I’m TOTALLY going to move up now is creating a database of like, every major cosmic entity in Dungeons & Dragons from supplements like Deities & Demigods and then use them as a plot generator!

Whose pantheon is quarreling with whom? Why keep track of it by hand when you can let the program work that all out for you? In a more user-friendly release, I would give a user the option to activate or deactivate pantheons of their choice.

I’ve actually reached the point where I can begin implementing and refining some of the adventure generation procedures I developed years ago. It’s so exciting! Argh, I’m going to die! IT’S SO AWESOME YOU HAVE NO IDEA

I have never been this excited to perform basic data entry.

Technically I already have a big fat list of cosmic entities I made… again, years ago at this point… but now I can totally start DOING stuff with that list. And, and more! I mean, my character generator uses a relatively small list of deities because I didn’t have an efficient method of transferring data from spreadsheets, but I have some practice writing code to do exactly that.

Seriously, like one of the things I need to do ASAP is experiment with reading and writing data to a SQL database because I probably shouldn’t be storing everything in freaking memory. And I want some of my data to be persistent… eventually.


Also on my to-do list is create a database of basically every published adventure from Dungeon/Dragon, TSR, and WotC so that I can basically make a record of the interactions of various cosmic entities, artifacts, and whatnot to create a more or less comprehensive list of ALL THE THINGS. I’m pretty close to having a format to analyze and record adventures, encounters, and consequences… and then, WHO EVEN KNOWS

I mean, one of the big, weird obstacles to creating and running adventures in Dungeons & Dragons (or any published RPG for that matter) is the volume of material that precedes your campaign. Oh sure, you could make everything up yourself…

But you know, people ignoring what came before and just making up whatever they want is how we wound up with so much boring, samey, derivative fantasy. Ask any angry OSR guy what I mean about “ignoring what came before” to get an earful.

But here, HERE, I can create a database the program can cross-reference whenever you want to generate new material, and it will offer a PLETHORA of suggestions. There are so many cosmic entities just lying around, discarded or forgotten that would be PERFECT for some random “Adventure X.” And just THINK how many conflicts are basically CREATED by cosmic entities!

I have so many ideas about where to go from here, too.

Among other things, once I’ve cataloged all the cosmic entities “as-is,” I want to go about reclassifying many of them to improve internal consistency. Honestly, not every single being from mythology needs to be a full-on DEITY. Many of them could stand to be lesser cosmic entities–or should be re-classed entirely as elementals or djinn or faeries, or WHO EVEN KNOWS