The “third life” of Lawrence Dread the half-orc paladin was a half-orc barbarian incarnation called “Chief Redwater,” who joined the party during the same encounter that claimed the life of my kobold cleric in Tomb of Annihilation.

He took a half-heartedly antagonistic attitude toward the rest of the party: I had rolled him up during the encounter in which his predecessor had died, and I was still irritated about A) the lengths to which I had to fight for my kobold to die, and B) the sudden and unwarranted reversal of our campaign’s death rules.

Redwater’s first action was to throw a javelin at a crocodile. He might have even dealt the killing blow to one of the crocodiles.

There were a couple things that were kind of funny and notable about Redwater. Compared to the panicky and piteous kobold, Redwater was very no-nonsense: rather than running into certain death due to some death wish, he raged and then CHARGED into certain death because that’s how you gain experience and level up.

I can understand if some of the other players had trouble telling the difference.

Redwater had a thing for eating bits of his defeated foes. He carried his own canoe and tied one of the dead crocs to his canoe to serve as A) croc bait, and B) lunch. Actually, eating things was probably one of the more notable aspects of his personality.

Our party reached the crossing point we’d discussed ahead of time, and set out to cross the jungle to find the second river. I think we fought some of those funny, stacked goblins, but I don’t recall anything notable about the encounter.

We passed the weird ruins of Mezro, a random jungle city-state that disappeared from the face of the world. We discovered nothing about it except that it appeared to have been “transported by magic.” Given no indication of how to reach the city, we moved on.

Upon reaching the river, we uh… well, we took to our canoes again. We detoured from the river to visit the bird-men monastery of Kir Sabal, where we learned how to reach our destination and met the irritating princess who wanted to reclaim her kingdom.

Oh, I forgot that somewhere along the way in a random encounter, Redwater picked up a once-per-day spell that was completely useless, by studying a monument with a maze on it. Find the Path, I think. It was useless because it was a single use, and couldn’t be maintained more than one day. So you’d fire it up, travel in the jungle for one day, and get lost after the spell wore off.

It was enough to convince Redwater that he had magic powers though. Fun!

Uh, I forget the specific order of events but I believe somewhere along the way, we encountered some fire newts riding fire-breathing chicken-dinosaurs. We drew a connection to Red Chocobos, and our ranger was convinced she would have one and train it as a mount.

The firenewt/chicken fight was a close one that could easily have ended in a TPK.

Our ranger took a short side-trek recovered a few eggs of the fire-chickens (actually “Giant Striders”) and identified a zombie t-rex. Upon returning to the party, she refused to share the location of the zombie t-rex despite my insistence that we ought to track and slay the beast.

Redwater offered to face the zombie alone. Actually, it led to a really stupid argument that was rendered moot later when we fought a living t-rex. Nonetheless, Redwater held a grudge against the ranger ’til he died.

Anyway, we encountered a living t-rex battling a giant ape. I forget which won (I assume it was the t-rex), but we slew the survivor and Redwater claimed a severed arm from the ape as both an improvised weapon and a snack (he had run out of crocodile meat).

We followed the river north to its “source” (actually a lake… which didn’t make a ton of sense if you think about it) and continued south to the “Valley of Embers.” We skirted the border of the valley until we reached the foothills of the “Peaks of Flame,” which we followed nearly all the way to our final destination: the overgrown jungle city-state of Omu.

If that sounds a little vague, it’s because my memory of the last leg of our journey through the jungle is not so great. Toward the end, Chief Redwater bought it in a fight against a pair of four-armed gorilla monsters (Girallon) that tore him apart before he could rage.

Despite no one seeming especially sad to see him go, I nonetheless had to fight for Redwater to die as well. No, I wasn’t going to roll death saves. Yes, I was going to roll up a new 1st-level character to join the party.