Obligatory GitHub repository link.

I wrote a fairly straightforward function that prefers targets of a particular socioeconomic status based on a crew’s type. So now instead of “randomly” choosing targets for scores, targets are weighted according to crew type.

The choices and numbers are arbitrary, and will be refined through testing. Currently, each crew (except Bravos) prefers “targets” of two types, chosen from “underworld,” “institutions,” “citizenry,” “labor & trade,” and “fringe.” Bravos, as essentially hired muscle, don’t inherently favor one type over another. Each target is preferred by exactly two types of crews.

Assassins prefer institutions & the underworld
Cults prefer citizens & the fringe
Hawkers prefer citizens & labor/trade
Shadows prefer institutions & the underworld
Smugglers prefer labor & the fringe

My reasoning is pretty much as follows:
Shadows and Assassins haunt each others’ footsteps. They’re hired by many of the same types of people to perform very similar functions. Depending on the particular crew, they may see the other as a competition or threat or respected professional. Since we’re talking “weird trade unions” here, thieves and assassins tend not to dabble too far into the others’ trade because that can lead to guild wars.

Cults target normal people (especially lower classes) and people on the fringe because they’re less likely to be missed. I don’t know if this really needs that much justification. Cults are freaky and power-hungry. They tend to recruit from the lower classes if they want to become a religion or the higher classes if they want more political power, but when it comes to sacrifices and spooky rituals, they have to do it in out-of-the-way or “normal” places.

Hawkers (I like to think of them as pimps or drug dealers) target normal people and laborers, because those people are most likely to be A) miserable, and B) have an income. Sure, they’ll target high-class people when those people have money, but more often than not those people have more direct connections to sources of vice. And the fringe doesn’t have money often enough to do good business (not enough to be a preferred target).

Finally Smugglers are a weird one, because they don’t quite make as much sense as the others. For starters, they don’t have a favored “activity type,” they have a preferred “cargo type.” That means among other things, they tend to do the same activity (move goods) but move it through different PLACES. So my thinking is their “targets” tend to be peoples’ backyards. Smugglers prefer to use labor/trade and the fringe as cover and distribution centers.

I started incorporating upgrades and cohorts, so hopefully that will be finished soon. I threw together a HashMap of so that every time your crew gets something nice, it is inextricably tied to another faction. This way, so long as you benefit from the upgrade, you will be tied to the faction associated with it. Your status may change with that faction, but you will always be connected to them (for good or ill).