Obligatory GitHub repository link.

Phew. So there’s a slew of little updates that have some pretty cool effects.

I began to implement different score “goals,” my contribution to score mechanics. Goals, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, represent the intended outcome of a score. For now, they’re pretty straightforward: “climb” the social ladder, “shake” an enemy’s hold, or seize a “claim.” I have ideas for others to add, but these are the ones I want to start.

Current implementation sees other factions asking you to “shake” their enemies, whereas personal jobs see the crew trying to climb the social ladder. I’ll flesh it out some more as I go along, but I have both goals functioning in basic forms.

I think for “claims,” I’ll want to work out how rival/enemy factions can counter-claim or seize territory back from the player. This will probably lead to a new goal type which is more akin to a “defend,” but I don’t generally favor passive “defensive” actions.

Hm, which reminds me: I still have to implement “contacts” because they can also affect a crew’s status with other factions. I’m not sure about how I’ll do it though, I might wind up needing to code characters (of which contacts will be a subtype).

I could probably add a “recruit” goal to scores in order to flip contacts. There are a lot of fun little things I could do with that–almost every contact should have a basic affiliation with another faction. I’m not sure how I would track that–again, it might come down to if and when I implement characters. Sigh.

There are a hundred other little things I could work on too.

I’ve laid the groundwork for some other game effects like Special abilities and Upgrades, which I could work on–then again, a lot of those things directly effect characters, so unless I implement N/PCs, they won’t have much effect.

At some point I want to figure out “locations” apart from the basic District stuff I’ve already done. A crew has a hunting grounds somewhere, and every faction has its lair-slash-base-of-operations somewhere in the city. Furthermore, each district has some effect on the kinds of scores attempted on their grounds. I might have to add or modify some existing factions to represent the “nobility” of a few high-class Districts. Dunno yet.

Oh, man. And I need to assign heat after a score. And track Wanted levels. Well, basically I need to finish rounding out the Downtime phase. Oh, and there’s vices, which are really only worth tracking if characters are implemented.

And if I implement heat and wanted levels, I should probably take a look at incarceration. And if that’s a thing, then a “prison break” goal should be made available, or else something that can benefit incarcerated characters. I might be getting a little ahead of myself.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, maps & locations stuff… heat & wanted levels… the rest of downtime…

Oh, downtime, that reminds me: I want to eventually do something with I don’t know… city events? Encounters or changes in the city that aren’t necessarily a part of a score -OR- downtime. I don’t even know how it would function, but I might take some inspiration from Arkham Horror.

Now that I mention it, I could probably draw a -TON- of inspiration from Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness, and/or Eldritch Horror. Oh, or Lords of Waterdeep. I mean, I just have so many games I could draw inspiration from, it’s hard to settle on just a dozen, a bunch, a handful like, one or two.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, inter-faction conflict.

I think the last thing I did was make it so that a score could reduce a faction’s hold or tier (“shake”). The next thing I need to do is make it possible to destroy a weakened faction reduced to tier zero. I’m sure I’ll come up with some way for factions to claw their way up the ladder without interference from the PC crew… but that is neither here nor there at the moment.