I don’t have the link handy, as I’m blogging from my phone, so you’ll have to use my GitHub link from another post.

I implemented factions from Blades in the Dark so i might perform simulations of crews doing jobs (scores) and shifting faction status. I want some numbers so i can build some algorithms.

I have all sixty odd factions: their tiers, their hold, their allies, and their enemies.

When a crew is generated, they setup hunting grounds in the territory of a random faction; when they receive their upgrades, the crew receives positive status with one random faction and negative status with another negative faction. And each one, in order, has a random chance to spend coin to improve status with the faction.

Right now i have it setup so it generates fifty crews with their faction connections and everything, so i can compare their starting conditions. What i hope to explore next is creating a score that specifically targets an existing faction.

I need to implement scores to seize claims, and i need to make scores against one faction have an effect on the allies and enemies of said faction. But before that, i need to work out progress clocks since i realized they’re how you’re supposed to gauge when a score is successful.

When i have it worked out, i’ll post some sample output.