Obligatory GitHub repository link.

Yesterday I worked out basic logic for members of a Ladder to challenge others of a higher rank. I mentioned in my last post that a battle for dominance is a simple d20 + power roll. If the loser fails the roll by 5+ they’re removed from the Ladder entirely.

Based on the way my Ladder determines if a member is “ready to act,” the higher up the ladder you are, the more turns (in theory) you must wait before you get another turn to act. I’ll refine this as I go along, but the basic formula is:

turns since last action / (highest rank – rank)

The members with the highest “ready” score are chosen for action selection. Right now the only action is to challenge someone of a higher rank (as described above). I’m really looking forward to modifying this and adding all kinds of goodies.

For instance, one idea I’ve been kicking around is using the TRAITS (read: Background Traits chosen in character generation) as modifiers to certain actions. If a character has “Ambition” (which is a legit 5e character trait) then they might challenge a superior whose power is explicitly greater than theirs.

As another example, a character who is chaotic or impulsive might act sooner or more often than their rank might otherwise suggest.

Earlier this week, I transcribed the ability scores, AC, hp, hit dice, and CR of nearly all the creatures in the Monster Manual. My plan is, after a few more steps (coding a Monster object), creating Ladders that can hold monsters and/or NPCs.

Since I have a CR estimator, I can create Ladders of similarly-powered creatures. So you might find orcs and NPCs fighting alongside one another, and who knows what else. I’m really excited to be working on this because it could be a serious boon to running dynamic dungeons.

I mean, already I’m thinking about how I could expand my generator to procedurally generate entire tribes and clans of goblins, kobolds, orcs, and whatnot. At some point I’m going to need to track down some name lists or generators and find some that work for me.

Of course once I have all that worked out (or possibly before, my workflow is weird), I get Ladders to fight each other. I’ve been reading different RPGs that run factions rules (notably Burning Empires, Stars Without Number, and Blades in the Dark, among others) to model faction conflicts.