Cookiemonger and I have had FTL for a while and I hadn’t had the opportunity to play it until… somewhat… recently. I’m glad I did though, I got some good hours out of it before I kind of, sort of, semi-rage-quit.

I mean, when some of the later unlockable ships don’t have enough staying power for the first couple systems on the easiest level of difficulty, I think your game needs a little more work. Rogue-like can be unfair, but must at least be… possible? Plausible? >_>

I’ve been playing FTL for ideas to enhance our group’s Traveller experience.

So, the trouble I mentioned…

Mongoose Traveller’s section on starship encounters is incomplete, and definitely missing some things. It took reviewing Classic Traveller to figure out exactly what it was. MgT describes space being, erm “busy,” I guess, but doesn’t go into a lot of detail about what business entails.

The most useful thing it says is that you check for encounters every week, day, or hour depending on local traffic. Roll a d6 for encounters, then determine an encounter on a 6. Sure. Fine. Excellent.

If you roll up a starship encounter, it says “roll again to determine type.”

Yeah, then it doesn’t provide a table to roll on, nor does it really suggest what kinds of starships are even available for encounters. I mean, it would be fine if there were even like, 6 or 11 starships to select from.

There are, “kind of eleven,” it’s unclear whether you’re supposed to count variations on one type of ship as different ships for encounters.

Then there are the small craft, of which there are six–you could almost construe that if you don’t get one of the kind-of-eleven starships, there are kind-of six small craft… I mean, it seems like there was almost a system there.

Unless you look at how starship encounters were generated in CT, and then you know exactly how it was supposed to work because they finished the work there. For shame, Mongoose.

There are some other glaring omissions however.

As much as capital starships are referenced in the rules… there are none. None of the “standard” starship designs are decidedly military. It’s enough that I set a project for myself to fill in the gaps with some military-esque starships for encounters. It involved quite a bit of research and discussion. More on that later.

Only just today I realized another glaring omission to the encounter process: no loot. If you attack, board, plunder, et cetera a random ship, how are you supposed to know what you can get? It’s like the whole encounter process is only half-finished. Get an encounter, get a ship, get some cargo. It should all be there.

So, I have my work cut out for me.

I need some probable military vessels that can represent the six-plus military careers that characters might have joined (space navy, space marines, space rangers, etc.),