Friday was eventful! Let’s see if I can recall everything that happened!

Adriel, the elf ranger, and Brother Aniseseed the cleric sent most of the kobold tribe off to Aniseseed’s monastery for rehabilitation, en-culturation, and training in kung-fu fighting. Also, regular hot meals in exchange for a certain amount of physical labor? Everybody is supposed to do their part to take care of the monastery. There was some talk about keeping bees (kobolds aren’t as susceptible to beestings).

Leathan, the githzerai monk, returned to Winterhaven at the head of a group of “colonial space-” paladins sent by Weyland to continue the investigation of the missing miners. (Weyland paid to have the monk’s shattered knee magically healed, how kind of him!) The paladins worshiped Kord and were a bunch of surfer-bros who were totally into breaking badness. They agreed to bring any captured kobolds to Adriel in exchange for a “donation” (bounty).

Lord Stonewall’s people arrived to collect the body of his daughter for burial, though they left behind her sword for a memorial in Winterhaven to honor her death-slash-sacrifice. Time will tell if Lord Stonewall himself decides to investigate the circumstances that led to his daughter’s demise.

Leaving investigation of the copper mines in the (capable?) hands of Kord’s bro-dins, the party decided to investigate the Great Wall of Copper–and rumors about some engraved tablets left behind the wall’s builder, the warforged Graves. Interviewing scarecrow patrolmen revealed the disappearance of some patrols “beyond the wall” and a little more about the scarecrows’ views on their creator (Arasys) and founding-leader Graves.

Further investigating the missing patrols, the party learned the scarecrows were patently terrible patrolmen, given how easily gnome smugglers (purveyors of demon-summoning spell components) and marauders evaded patrols to get beyond the wall. The party arranged to meet with the “king” of the scarecrows, Fleur Board, in the former Keegan’s Keep. The Keep had scarecrows “staked” outside as a warning (really a “nursery”).

Keegan’s Keep turned out to be cluttered on the inside, as the scarecrows only occupied the first floor and top level of the keep–beneath them, many former inhabitants of the keep walked the halls as restless dead. (Not so different from before.) Fleur Board commended the group for investigating the missing patrols and told them of the scarecrows’ ongoing rivalry with the Winterhaven druid circle, and charged them with dismantling the gnoll smuggling ring.

Taking with them some of the scarecrows’ “useless yellow rocks” that were too soft for wall material, the party trekked back to Winterhaven and arranged for the purchase of Witless Manor from the impoverished Lord Witless (after agreeing to construct a large sign on the outside of the manor with his family name, “Witless”).

While in Winterhaven though, the party learned about the recent tragedy that had befallen the bro-dins — they lost five of the original eight paladins. They did bring back five kobold captives however, whom they had locked in a garden shed until Adriel arrived to claim them and pay the bounty. The bros did, at least, hit level two.

Finally, the party set out to begin properly investigating the Winterhaven druid circle, only to encounter a group of gnolls on the far side of the Great Wall. They dispatched the gnolls with minimal casualties–one kobold henchman fell in the line of duty.