I’ve been mulling over this idea I had last week, trying too decide whether to move forward or discard it:

“There are no gods of peace.”

Pelor, Melora, Bahamut, and even Kord are kind of boring because they aren’t villainous. I wrote a program to randomly assign deities to NPCs so I might represent gods who don’t come up much, but it doesn’t seem like enough.

That’s when this thought hit me. There are no gods of peace. It might not be true, but the point was a different perspective. Gods needn’t exist to preserve the status quo: why would you bother creating them for that?

Followers of Pelor might be scheming to destroy followers of Vecna, Nerull, or the Raven Queen, despite RQ being on the right side of the tracks.

I might have to make a chart to keep track of it all, but every god should have an enemy they are constantly trying to destroy, or an ally they’re trying to one up. Gods are, at least in D&D, the embodiment of conflict (if not chaos, destruction, or occasionally evil).

The important thing is getting them out there, and making sure there’s something for them to be fighting.

As an exercise, I ought to make for myself an archetypal follower of each god and put myself in their head: who are their enemies? What do they hope to achieve? And do forth.