Finally put together a page for our group’s latest D&D campaign, “Loose Threads.”

Naming an adventure or campaign is a big deal for me, because I refer back to it constantly for both plot and character, and it represents a milestone in the group (in my opinion).

“Loose Threads” is hilarious to me on so many levels, for reasons of “things that have already happened” to “things that will yet come to pass.”

For starters, this campaign only began because Jared wanted to resolve a situation for one of his characters: Arasys and Dox’s hometown had been enchanted by druids to prevent a zombie outbreak from spreading, placing all the inhabitants under magical stasis until the situation could be handled.

Well, the heroes who were sent to “handle” the situation wound up on the wrong end of Nerull’s Gray Legion in the Shadowfell. They haven’t been seen or heard from since — Nerull briefly held the throne in Letherna, which is where they had gone to entreat the Raven Queen.

After we resolved the situation in Ravenscar though, our group headed off to deal with another “loose thread” of Jared’s, which has been left dangling several years now, since perhaps a 4e campaign from 2013? There was this dark elf demigod you see, a son of Lolth that Jared’s character Dox needed to dispatch…

I have some designs for this campaign as well, some new characters to introduce, a few to change or kill or lock away — and when we conclude the campaign, I hope to “jump” the campaign world forward another 20 years or so to give our new (and old) players a sort of carte blanche.

A lot can happen in 20 years, after all.

So far I haven’t heard any major objections, though cookiemonger expressed concern for having enough time to wrap up a character plot thread or two beforehand — I think we can take care of any outstanding business.

The situation in the Dreamlands between Delphi and Thebes will probably evolve further — the kingship has deteriorated somewhat with Aegis losing one then both daughters, only to get one back, only for the other to be “evil?” and side with their political “frenemy.” Jared said he was considering having Aegis go on a personal quest of absolution.

That might be interesting. I can imagine a 20th-level fighter wandering the Dreamlands (possibly the planes), looking for a god or other power to “forgive him” his sins against Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon (technically aspects/avatars of Kord, Raven Queen, and Melora, I think).

It will also give us an opportunity to synthesize a few more of our campaign elements that we’ve been discussing the last few months: bringing airships properly into the setting, giving giants a face-lift, and bringing in dinosaurs.

There are some other general changes I’d like to make, which can be facilitated by such an “update.”

Fun times!