I’ve posted revised schools of magic drawing inspiration from 1e, 3e, and 5e (primarily) over the last couple months.

Now I’ve covered the eight basic schools of magic, renaming a few, or returning to the older names of one or two.

The posts on the blog don’t necessarily reflect the latest versions in my notes. I forget if I updated conjuration with the Magic Jar spell, for example.

This spell list is intended to supercede whatever spell list you might be using. It has the cantrips, the 1st-level spells, the 5th-level spells, and the 9th-level spells you need to really mess up the world.

I’ll continue to revise this list while I work on the classes and their requirements: there are few points in really looking forward to in the next stage which absolutely required me to produce a draft of the spell list.

Gone, are many of the generic damage and energy protection spells. Gone, are many of the standard detection, obstacle removing, or restoration spells.

Curing a disease or breaking a curse will now be the purview of a specialist or a sage. If you are struck with some malady, you may consider retiring or adventure at your own peril.

Rather than plowing forward until the Cleric can cast Greater Restoration, you might sideline your afflicted PC in a sanatorium until a cure can be found (if at all).

Though there are some flash-and-bang spells (literally), they come at a cost of shielding and recovery spells. Also, a bunch of the spells that remove the need to carry stuff or bring food and water or a light source with you are gone.

I still have plans for about four more schools, if I can remember them all: Summoning, Teleportation, Metamagic, and… Artifice. Item creation, that’s right. But these are the effects that can wait.

Deals primarily with banishing and hedging out creatures that don’t belong: faeries, fiends, and the undead.

Deals primarily with the physical properties of objects and creatures: their size, shape, and solidarity.

Deals primarily with magic that cannot or should not be: binding, bending, creating, and corrupting.

Deals primarily with those spells that read, charm, bend, and bewitch the mind.

Deals primarily with spells that create mass destruction on a fundamental level: thunder, force, and lightning.

Deals primarily with spells that detect, alter, and mask the presence of magic; but also confuse the senses.

Deals primarily with those spells that alter or reveal destiny, including boons of restoration and divine favor.

Deals primarily with those spells that strain and blur the lines between life, death, and immortal unlife.

So, when’s the book coming out, right? I don’t know, I’m working on that. This was the next step in working on the classes. I have the class archetypes that have been waiting for the spell list for almost a year now… maybe longer. I just don’t know.

I’ve been looking forward to finishing these spell lists and it took me a month longer than I thought it would. Good grief.