So, there’s this dungeon I started working on.

Here’s a screenshot of the first four levels (color-coded).


This is probably the third, maybe the fourth dungeon map I’ve made using Adobe Photoshop. I’m certain there’s an easier way to do it than this, but I have a lot of experience using PS, and the snap-to-grid and layers do what I need.

So far, there are stairs and elevators that go down as far as level ten, but the most mapping is complete in the first four levels. Not everything connects, and I haven’t begun stocking the dungeon yet. I thought I’d map first.

Oh, it … is made with a trimmed-down version of 5e’s random dungeon generation tables. I imagine that I will go through a couple drafts of the map over time. I’m not sure yet if I like how everything turned out.

That said … anyone game?