Last night’s game.

The subject of last night’s game. Is a subject to be covered in as much detail as possible, and yet… the broad strokes are necessary in order to see the impact of events that transpired.


The party ushered the halflings from White Cliff to Fallcrest. The magic school wasn’t really a place for farmers, and with the ever-expanding forces of darkness, Fallcrest was a better destination than an altogether new village. Really.

They gave them some characters to help train more slingers, and some money to build homes and barracks and so forth. In all, ten characters opted to go with the halflings to watch over and train them.

We resolved a few lingering questions about whether the prisoners could be freed. It still wasn’t easily manageable, and by then the Cleric had studied the fourth floor of the dungeon effectively through scrying to teleport and bypass the magical defenses.

And away the party went.

Arriving on the scene, the characters investigated the only passageway branching off the landing: a short ways down was a side passage.

Approaching the passage, the party was surprised to see an enemy Wizard (Venger) walk out into the hall and raise his hand. He uttered one word, “stop,” before the party destroyed him. (It took a couple arrows and the Barbarian, and that was all.)

What remained wasn’t Venger, however. Just some damp robes and a handful of gold coins.

The players explored the passage and discovered what amounted to the library’s card catalog. They noted three copies of a book that listed every book in the collection: it was apparent that a fourth had gone astray.

Moving on to the main chamber, the players found the Font of Knowledge they expected to be there: and it was evil and corrupted enough that it knocked the Paladin off her feet when she used her Divine Sense.

There were also many empty bookshelves, a statue of Ioun, and an altar.

The group set about trying to determine how they might purify the Font. Several ideas came forward, including using Hallow or destroying the Font outright. The Fighter examined the few bookshelves that remained and found some articles of interest.

A short history of the temple before its abandonment, and a slim book of poetry. The Paladin likewise found a record of martyrs and scholars of Ioun who had channeled her aspect.

Putting some ideas together and discussing as a group, the party resolved to attempt channeling the powers of various deities, including Ioun, to purify the Font.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out the poetry book was actually a ritual. The players decided to take a crack at it.

As the Cleric began chanting and speaking in an otherworldly tongue, he felt the familiar warmth of his deity’s presence. Before the ritual could be completed however, an assassin put a dagger in the Cleric’s back.

No damage came to the Cleric, and no effect was immediately obvious. The players quickly dispatched the assassin. Only after that did they realize the target had not been the Cleric: but the god being channeled.

In the assassin’s possession was a relic the party knew to be “The Assassin’s Stone,” an Ioun Stone rumored to have the power to slay a god.

With the goddess of knowledge and her killer dead on the floor, the party started considering their options.

Before they could get too far however, Vecna appeared.

Things went… badly for the players, at first. I had a short speech prepared for Vecna when he appeared. He praised the players for their role in Ioun’s death.

Of course they didn’t stand aside and let Vecna take Ioun’s power.

The fight included Vecna (a lich), a vampire lord, and a mummy lord. I had planned certain aspects of the battle out for the forest few rounds.

Vecna used Power Word Kill to instantly snuff the Paladin’s life. The mummy attacked the Cleric with Harm. The vampire closed with the Fighter and grappled him.

Our party’s Druid placed a very effective Wall of Fire that managed to hit all three baddies. The mummy managed to stun half the party with a blasphemous utterance. The mummy didn’t do much after that because the party had an abundance of fire attacks.

The party focused on the vampire next, and Vecna used Power Word Stun to prevent the Fighter resisting the vampire.

The vampire soaked a fair bit of damage, but managed to drain the Fighter of half his maximum hour points (also reducing his max health).

Just before the vampire was beaten, Vecna used Disintegrate to reduce the Barbarian to a pile of ash.

The Cleric used Revivify to bring the Paladin back to life. Sadly, aside from soaking the PWK, the Paladin wasn’t able to contribute much to the fight.

The party’s Sorcerer had the audacity to use Magic Missile on Vecna. The Whispered One responded by using a heightened Magic Missile (level 7) to bombard him to below 0 hp.

Between the Fighter and the Druid, the party made relatively short work of Vecna’s physical form.

Now the party stood over the bodies of the god of knowledge and the god of secrets.

And that was when Silhouette arrived, with the Book of Vile Darkness.

Asking the party’s permission to enter the chamber, Silhouette stated her case: the party had no means to put Vecna down for good, she had the Book of Vile Darkness and Ioun’s Font of Knowledge close at hand.

She revealed then the true form of the Font: not a fountain of water, but a flaming brazier.

After asking the party’s permission for her to destroy the Book, Silhouette proceeded to tear pages out and cast them into the fire.

She then asked the party’s leave.

When questioned about how the party might revive or replace the goddess of knowledge, Silhouette replied:

“Consider it done.”

Here endeth the adventure, and the session.