So, I’m working up to writing some fiction to take place between our D&D sessions. It requires me to finish my audit of Silhouette’s resources because I need to know what she has and what she’s doing with it.

To that end, I’ve started an outline of events as they occurred following the party’s claiming of the city.

I’m only about a quarter of the way through the events I already knew would take place, and I can’t be certain how many events happened that I DON’T explicitly know took place.

The reason I say that is because Silhouette was exceedingly resourceful, and once she acquired something she almost immediately reinvested it in her plan. She’d have made a cutthroat Wall Street trader.

Which reminds me of one event I need to figure out the timing of: when Silhouette invited the hags into the city. I haven’t decided yet if the ‘Soul Exchange’ market they run will be called Wall Street. ;)

One of the things I’m sure nobody really expected was for Silhouette to bankroll not only the restoration of the Temple of Erathis, but also the Temple of Pelor. There are plenty of reasons to do it though.

First of all, Erathis is the god of cities and civilization. If Silhouette wants to ruin an orderly, efficient city, then she needs the god of laws on her side. Erathis herself is unaligned, or neutral, so there’s actually no conflict of interest.

When it comes to Pelor on the other hand, it’s more a matter of ‘the enemy you know.’ Worth open worship of Pelor in her city, Silhouette will always have eyes on the most likely perpetrators of Good-aligned missions and endeavors.

And sometimes it’s good to have enemies at all: I mean, I could make some obvious remarks about American politics but I’d rather not. Silhouette can leave most of the smiting of Evil (in this case, her rivals) to the Good temple of Pelor.

Then there’s the ghouls. In the penultimate adventure of the Prince of Undeath series, the adventurers slay Doresain, King of Ghouls. I’ve been wanting to give ghouls a Lovecraftian makeover for a while now: they’ll be necrophagus demihumans instead of carnivorous undead — and this gives me that opportunity.

Silhouette can welcome the ghouls into the city and grant them citizenship following the death of Doresain. Ghouls will make up the majority of her spy network, and a healthier (or at least more regular) diet will elevate ghouls from scavenging undead to uh, well the idea is demihumans. So, that.

I have a lot of ideas for Silhouette’s expansion of the city. Gloomwrought is surrounded by miles of peat bog which can be dried and burned for fuel. My idea is for her to transform Gloomwrought into an industrial superpower: her merchants will import raw materials and her city will export finished products.

She’ll subsidize whaling, manufacturing, and exploration, among other things. She’s an imperialist with a goal of extending her reach as far as she can.

Honestly, that’s her main reason for continuing to occupy and expands her holding at Silver Hollow: lots of timber, good fishing, and cheap labor to support her expansion of Gloomwrought. I’m not sure how good yuan-ti might be at farming, but my guess is NOT VERY.

Luckily yuan-ti cultists are easy to please: a ritual sacrifice before breakfast to build an appetite, a ritual sacrifice around noonish, a ritual sacrifice before dinner (as entertainment), and a ritual sacrifice around midnight (it’s tradition).

It’s still down to building a timeline and a list of assets. As the city’s list of needs grow, Silhouette will have to adopt new strategies. And that will provide the fuel for the ‘intermission fiction.’