Over the last exty weeks, I’ve gone back and forth over the issues of Dragon which spanned 4e: looking for references to the gods, primordials, the Dawn War, tieflings, Bael Turath, and plenty of miscellaneous stuff.

As a side project, I read through all the adventures published for Planescape. It was a lot more doable than I ever thought possible.

And I’ve about reached the end of what I think Dragon can offer for the time being. It’s time to get back to either the source books or hit up Dungeon.

My timeline is swelling with material, as is our campaign wiki. I’ve made edits (and some cuts) as I’ve gone along. I have a couple weird timing glitches that I want to work out but they may require some more thought.

Cookiemonger helped me sort out an important one though, on the timing of the giant and mind flayer empires.

Depending on your source, the mind flayers may have emigrated from the Far Realm. They may have ruled an empire at the end of time. They may have escaped the death of another universe.

Whatever their origin, the mind flayers ruled the stars and countless worlds for thousands of years until they were overthrown by one of their servitor races, the Gith.

Giants on the other hand, are only as old as OUR world, where they were created as servants to the primordials (or titans, or whatever). Their empire was destroyed in the Dawn War, which occurred before recorded history.

Of course, neither of these two events reference one another. There is one detail that might reconcile the two, in the Far Realm invasion that transpired DURING the Dawn War. But recall the mind flayers’ multiple choice past:

Are they from the future? Are they from another universe? Et cetera.

Cookiemonger said the mind flayer empire should be older, and I agree. And I think I know how to reconcile the two now: after all, the gods don’t like to discuss their failures.

There were other worlds once, domains of the gods. Homes for their creations. The gods have great power, armies of angels, and legions of devoted mortals.

And they had nothing on the mind flayers.

Like an intelligent zombie plague, the mind flayer empire spread through all the worlds, enslaving or converting mortals en masse via ceremorphosis.

How could anything stop the spread of an infection like the mind flayers? The answer came from within, of course. How could thousands of slave-worlds rise up in revolt simultaneously? Using the same lines of communication intended for the Lattice of Heaven.

Working behind the scenes, the gods helped the Gith chase the mind flayers to the ends of the multiverse. The mind flayers sought refuge in the unfinished Underworld of the primordials’ latest creation: the World.

And the giants? Came next. The end.