I’ve been working at transcribing various Powers That Be to my campaign wiki as part of am ongoing project.

Some time ago (two years, if you can believe it) I researched and adapted several different Final Fantasy games to my campaign outline format.

It was my hope to reconcile the lazy, often contradictory events of each game into an internally-consistent continuity. It was around that time I invented the Final Fantasy “lazy storytelling drinking game.”

You take a shot whenever a plot contrivance is hand-waved as having occurred “a long time ago.” Two of it happened before the protagonists were born. Three of it involves time travel. Four if the words “a thousand years” come up as part of the exposition.

This should demonstrate among other things that I understand little of drinking games, and perhaps that Final Fantasy storytelling is lazy and contrived.

Moving on.

The project was a success. I have a draft of a single-world Final Fantasy timeline in my notes. It was fun. I had a good time putting it together. Of course the real goal is reconciling a timeline of Dungeons & Dragons lore.

For that, I really needed a list of all the players in the game. Hence, the list of PTBs on the wiki. Somewhere I needed a quick reference to all the players with a stake in the game.

I’ve also been working on my campaign outlining techniques, and in a few cases revising older outlines as my technique had improved.

Recently, I’ve also transcribed many of the official 4e campaign arcs to the wiki, so I can reference them too, if I like. I don’t like. Done of them are very lazy, or require plot contrivances that no sane Dungeon Master would use. Uh, so I may have edited some of them.

I’ve also spent a great deal of time reviewing D&D lore in general, and making notes when events seemed important or influential.

One thing I’d love to do is actually create a timeline of 4e’s Dawn War that could conceivably be played out by a dedicated group of gamers.

Reach for the stars, right?