I’ve moved onto a new stage in this cosmology development project. I’d be working on it right now if not for the fact that not blogging might be worse for me than not working on this project.

Over the weekend I drafted a cosmo-graphy? Cosm-icon? Cosmiconography? Er, a collage (of the names/logos) of many different works of fiction that I’d consider significant to the development of this cosmology. A pictorial Appendix N, in a sense.

I guess that makes it a cosmonomicon? Huzzah!

I’ve created some rough outlines for the timberline of each edition of D&D. Last night I read about the development of the Greyhawk setting again: lots more of the names and dates are sticking this time around.

I also read about Mystara. It’s kind of funny how this cycle keeps recurring: the designers (Gygax, WotC) think players will want to create their own campaigns but players want guides and manuals to play from.

Early adopters of D&D clamored for Greyhawk maps and adventures. And players clamored for more details about WotC’s “blank slate” Points of Light setting. I remember attending a(n anime) convention in which I had prepared an adventure based on the Final Fantasy series.

I was approached by an RPGA rep, who wanted to understand my event, which had attracted lots and lots of players. See, the WotC event setup took up half the room (to my one table) and attracted a meager turnout.

I tried to explain that the characters were recognizable from the works of anime and video games the attendees were familiar with: which should have been a light bulb moment for this guy. His response was something mumbled along the lines of, “players should want to make their own characters.”

If you say so, dude.

Needless to say, there are a ton of anime and video games counted among the works referenced in my cosmonomicon. Where I can, I’ve tried to tie video game references back to their original D&D sources, because you know all the designers who made video games back in the 60s and 70s played D&D.

And I’ve taken the framework of 4e’s Dawn War to use as the basis of a cosmic history that incorporates almost every campaign setting except the Forgotten Realms. Because WotC can HAVE the Realms. *rolls eyes*

I’ll take the cast-offs and make something from them.

Seriously, WotC should drop any pretense of supporting a campaign setting other than Forgotten Realms and just make it the official setting. OH WAIT FIFTH EDITION DID EXACTLY THAT

Should I call it a “visual Appendix N?” Hell no! Cosmonomicon sounds awesome! I think I’ll stick with that! :D