By the time I’ve finished writing my morning post, I’ve usually thought of a better topic for discussion. By the next morning however, I’ve usually forgotten it.

I’m usually relieved to have finished the morning post that I don’t start a new one, but maybe if I did that, I could keep my better idea for the next day. What do you think? ;)

I need to remember to look up dragon pacts from the 3e Dragon Magic book. There’s a big, black dragon that gave the library group a quest and I need to figure out what it is.

Actually, I think I know what it should be now. Good talk, lol. Sometimes all it takes is thinking and writing about it.

Speaking of thinking and writing, this morning I was thinking about PCs thinking and writing. Like if one of the players wants their character to be a political writer or activist or something, maybe even a politician.

Makes me think there oughtta be some kind of forum for that discussion. In-game of course. Sigh. You know the problem is, if I suggested it, the idea would probably be met with interest but no one would carry it off. I’ll just have to do it myself.

Actually, I was thinking of a new character concept this morning, along the lines of the political thinker — a fighter perhaps, with a soldier background (aren’t they always), who wants to reform the political system.

To support a character like that, I’d need to make lots of inquiries among the leading political movers and shakers of the setting. Ultimately the character would be forced to adventure for the money — collecting “campaign funds” from the monster constituency.

A character like that could enter battle, swinging a sword and shouting, “a vote for me is a vote for X!” (I wish I could think of something good to go there, but see the post title about my vacant expression.)

When it comes right down to it, I have lots of ideas but not enough games for them all.

In our Gloomwrought campaign, the Dungeon Master wrote the occasional “interlude” as a piece of short fiction between game sessions, and I’ve been thinking of renewing the practice.

Ah, but that does remind me I still need to finish my assessment of the city of Gloomwrought ands its capabilities. A GDP would be nice, lol. Kind of makes me wonder what Gloomwrought exports, now that I think about it.

That could be the subject of a whole other post. Maybe I should get a start on that now, so I don’t forget it by tomorrow. ;)