Now that I think I’ve figured out where Gloomwrought gets its wealth, I should probably figure out what percentage of the populace actually produces that wealth so I can get a broad idea of how much comes in and goes out.

I could try and do a raw population check, but there are some problems with that, aren’t there? Not everyone in Gloomwrought works.

It’s worth bearing in mind however, that not everyone in Gloomwrought is human either, and doesn’t necessarily follow human standards or work ethics. Gloomwrought exists on a plane that will literally kill you if you’re too bored or depressed, which means there’s likely a minority of creatures that aren’t working or somehow engaged.

Bonus point: slavery in Gloomwrought is a no-go unless you’re looking forward to hordes of undead workers.

Counter point: with the exception of the Ebony Guard, most denizens of the Shadowfell in general are just fine with undead minions.

Oh, on a separate point entirely, there are nightwings, nightwalkers, and whatever the third category of terrible walking death there was, not counting all the others.

Nightwalkers are enormous undead that just wander the Shadowfell killing mortals who get stuck there and making bodaks. It should be noted that bodaks have a death gaze. They kill with a look.

And for some reason, Wizards of the Coast thought ‘death giants’ were necessary to keep things dangerous in the Shadowfell. Death giants don’t make bodaks.

That enormous creature the Deer God transforms into at the end of Princess Mononoke, the one that slays everything it touches? Yeah. There’s an entire ‘race’ of those creatures just wandering the Shadowfell.

If you haven’t fallen off the Bleach bandwagon just because the series took a serious downturn, nightwalkers are like uh, Vasto Lords (not sure about the spelling) that MAKE other hollows, rather than eating them.

Oh, and the little hollows can kill you with a look.

Setting aside the death landscape that will drive you to despair so it can just absorb you, and the giant walking death factories that mass-periodic smaller death, there are also devourers.

Devourers eat souls, very slowly, unless they burn them off quickly to power evil spells to kill your friends. So they might eat your soul and then consume its energy to cast a spell that enables them to eat your friends’ souls.

Btw, Friends’ Souls was an alternate title to Demons’ Souls before they chose a more… grimdark setting. Because you know, you summon your friends’ souls to aid you in battle? Anybody? No?