Last night the patrol around Silver Pudding discovered bodies of a previous halfling patrol. They weren’t able to discern how the halflings died, and moments later they were attacked by a couple of wights.

We only had four players at the table, but two of them had brought barbarians on the patrol, so they were pretty well set — even when the encounter came at the group from behind.

It wasn’t much of a fight, unlike the battle last week that claimed the life of a party member.

The party nuked the wights and took the bodies of their patrolmen back to the town: we didn’t get into it last night, but there was a reason the patrol wasn’t reported missing.

We did however, have time to discuss It’s John Cena! and his Great Orcish Novel. He was approached by a pixie representing the Summer Queen, who wished to patronize hours book.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Anyway, the group had a discussion about it, and we tried to determine how books are made (and copied) in 5e. Our conclusion after a few minutes’ search was that it must be by hand.

The group convinced It’s John Cena! that patronage meant money and people reading his Great Orcish Novel (he needed some help arriving at that conclusion, his Intelligence is only 5), and so it was a ‘Good Thing.’ Probably.

Meanwhile, in Gloomwrought…

Darnek the fighter, Anat the ranger, Akordia the paladin, and Morgran the cleric prepared to venture into the Gloomwrought Undercity.

They hiked the thirty-odd minutes through twisted streets and cramped alleyways and collapsed building fronts that are the descent into the Undercity, and arrived at a pair of massive iron doors that Definitely Weren’t There Last Time.

Inside, they found a large amphitheater-looking area and lots of different ways to go.

They decided to investigate an open-door shop-looking thing, and found some booze and some strange brass boiler-looking things.

Opening one of the bottles, the Ranger found a fireball-in-a-bottle. Luckily it exploded in another room (the amphitheater).

After unearthing some other goodies in the room and fiddling with the machinery a bit, the group decided to explore a little farther down the passage.

Checking a door on their right, they found a storeroom full of wood scraps and unfinished scaffolding. The Paladin found a nice, neat pile of a dozen two-by-fours under some canvas.

Another door across the way was locked, so the group continued to the end of the passage and arrived at a T-intersection.

Before closing a new path, they checked out a room on the right and found it full of cable and smelling like machine oil. Closing the door, they moved on to the intersection.

While trying to get the door open, the group noticed a rumbling and got out of the way just in time as a purple worm burst through the floor.

Not the highest-CR monster the group had ever faced, but a surprise nonetheless. They quickly ran in the room they had opened, to find vats and cylinders filed with strange, bubbling liquid — and then the worm broke through the masonry walls.

The battle was brief — briefer than the for with the wights, at that — but long enough for everyone to panic and blast it with their highest-level powers.

The worm went down quick — but not before it gobbled up the cleric (always, the cleric) and sprayed everyone with dust and rubble. The night was over by that point, and the group retreated to the surface after barely an hour in the dungeon (most of it spent poking through rooms).

It was a good night.