Hmm, last night’s game…

After wrapping things up in Gloomwrought, the alpha team returned to the sleepy town of Silver Pudding, which had become decidedly less sleepy in the weeks since their departure.

A patrol ‘disappeared’ without notice, because for all appearances, the halflings on patrol returned to their homes. All seemed well until their families were found slaughtered with… pieces missing.

There was no investigation however, as all family members were accounted for: there was no suspect.

Lady Emily received tragic news from home: her uncle was declared dead after a mage-duel… his left hand was all that remained to be buried, and resurrection failed.

The group reached a consensus that Silhouette, despite the obvious threat she posed to the Shadowfell and by extension the World, was likely better dealt with than fought. (Oh darn, thinks the Dungeon Master, I would so liked to have seen you try.)

Akordia, being one of the last surviving worshipers of the Raven Queen (her untimely murder being recent news to the group) has already resolved to take the god’s place if she can figure out how.

A Sending to a group of allies in the Shadowfell en route to the Raven Queen’s fortress of Zvomanara reported they were on the last leg of their journey.

The players’ goal then, they decided, was to try and restore Ioun’s source of power in the Material Plane by purifying the Font of Knowledge purportedly buried beneath the Temple of Silver Pages, thereby restoring her connection to her followers in the world.

Not a lot of options are open to the heroes for ‘how’ to purify the Font, so that might be relegated to the category of ‘come up with a plan on the way.’

With their goal clear before them, nine heroes set out:

Akordia the paladin
Anat the ranger
Darnek the fighter
Gayal the cultist
Lorik the druid
Morgran the cleric
Raiser the warlock
Riley the bard
Sera the warlock

Shortly, they arrived at Gormley Keep, which they found occupied (again). Lorik transformed into a giant eagle to scout the outpost, and found no one inside.

The group quickly scaled the walls because eagles can’t open doors, and investigated the fort proper. Inside they found a gang of dark elves who, cornered, fought to the death. Some treasure was found, but it was unremarkable compared to the riches once found in the Keep.

Following the retaking of the Keep, the party decided to station some of their lower-level soldier friends at the outpost to use it as a watch post and training ground. They decided to stay the night and a Sending spell, then waited for their comrades to arrive.

That’s where we ended the session.