One of the players in our weekly game is a circulation manager for the library, and he’s running a semiweekly D&D program.

So every other week, about half our weekly group heads over to the library to play a couple hours of D&D before closing time.

We’ve integrated the events of the library games with our weekly game, so we don’t have to stretch for new material, and so everything we do in the library games can add to our weekly game.

It’s a neat arrangement.

We had a bunch of new players last night, so character creation took a little longer than usual. In theory, character creation is alloted to the thirty minutes before the event starts at six.

In practice, players trickle in from six onward.

All told, I believe we had six new players last night, and at least four of them rolled fighters. It brought a tear to my eye. ;)

There were enough players that we split them into two tables of seven — two tables running in parallel with their own Dungeon Masters — might have been our largest turnout yet.

Jared’s table had our all-star players and regulars, I took the table with most of the newer players. I do pretty well with new players. :)

The group as a whole is currently exploring a ruined city of a fallen tiefling empire, the wealthiest and most decadent settlement of the bunch.

The new guys wanted the opportunity to take in the little adventurers’ outfitters post before heading into the ruins, and that gave them a chance to size up the major players before getting their feet wet.

Coyote’s Refuge (said outpost) hosts a veritable tent city, in part because no permanent structures are allowed by Coyote. The three main powers in play are the Scions of the Horned Empire, Arkhosia’s Last, and the White Lantern Consortium.

The Scions seek a restoration of the tiefling empire, Arkhosia’s Last seeks the destruction of tieflings, and the White Lanterns want to sell everyone weapons.

In other words, it’s a powder keg.

The New Guys wanted in with Arkhosia’s Last, because let’s face it: tieflings are bad news. They were given a mission to hit a group of tieflings heading into the ruins.

The New Guys were seven: four fighters, a ranger, and a cleric. The tiefling group was a dozen guys carrying a couple strongboxes.

I’d be lying if I said everything went well for the players, but they did pull off the hit without casualties — they came close though.

In the strongboxes they found some pretty fantastic cash — and a sealed letter addressed to the Risen Emperor of Bael Turath. Oops. But hey, nobody knows, right?

The other group did pretty well too, as I understand. They took out a couple fomorians and some marauders in the city — they even made it within spitting distance of a roc’s nest.

Of course what I’ve failed to mention is the characters are doing this at the behest of an ancient black dragon who’s made pets of them all. >:D