Most of this week’s session was occupied with a skirmish just outside the PCs’ home base in Silver Pudding.

One of the beta teams — this one consisting of five magic-users and a barbarian — was attacked by a group of bandits outside the town.

The battle was rough.

The players had an early advantage, in that a lucky faerie fire spell imposed disadvantage on three of the enemy. It took a while before the group noticed the enemy otherwise had spell resistance.

For a chunk out of the early battle, the Barbarian was out of commission due to a suggestion spell that convinced him the group was outgunned and that surrender was the best option.

The tiefling bard Limerick proved remarkably resilient in the face of overwhelming odds: for some reason the enemy just couldn’t hit him. And they were TRYING. That said, Limerick was taken out shortly after the other bard was knocked from her perch: a flying broom.

Between the two bards, the group managed to resist the enemy attacks for round after round (Cutting Words, I’ll have to remember that one) while the enemy failed to land a blow with a scimitar or hit their mark worth an arrow.

The Warlock had no such trouble. I think in the final count, she felled between four and six of the ten bandits. If not for the fact that she missed on occasion, the battle might have gone on quite a bit longer.

Inevitably, the group (well, the Warlock) broke the concentration of the bandit keeping the Barbarian in check, and he rejoined the battle. But not in time to save Limerick, who was brought low by a scimitar-wielding baddie with a couple of critical strikes to the back.

The rest of the battle played out much as you’d expect: the PCs won, though not without cost.

Limerick was dead, and lots of daily resources were expended. It was a good thing the patrol was within view of Silver Pudding or things might have gone considerably worse for them.

A few things came up dieing the battle.

One, we finally resolved the matter of what counts as a “point in space” for the purpose of spellcasting. It required that we go first to the useless indices of the Player’s Handbook, and finally consult a section of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

The group now has photographic evidence of my rants against the system’s many flaws. Though I think this may have been one of my shorter rants.

It’s an intersection, by the way. What I thought it was, per the 3e rules. But there was nothing to support my ruling in the Player’s Handbook, so we had to look for it across two different rulebooks. SIGH

Meanwhile in Gloomwrought, the Alpha team was getting apprised of the latest comings and goings in the city.

They learned of the calamitous end of the Ebon Guard, the disbanding of the Deathless Watch, and the re-dedication of Raven’s Eyrie.