So, I’m finally getting around to reading a whole bunch of the old Dragon magazines I downloaded during the few years when it was online-exclusive, and only available with a D&D Insider subscription.

There’s some interesting stuff here and there. Good material for me to adapt to our group’s wiki. We’re only interested in the lore, besides — and that tends to be more difficult to navigate than the rules.

Among other things, it’s shown me that it’s about time for me to revisit my Cornerstones project for those blocks of monsters. (Not to be confused with stat blocks.) I always found the githyanki to be kind of weird and distasteful add far as monsters go — little did I know they were the backbone of pretty much the entire middle- and late-middle game.

See, I’d thought it was strange Wizards of the Coast considered githyanki part of their “product identity,” but in the context that gith-people make up the majority of Astral-dwellers… it makes more sense.

It actually males a lot of sense. I mean, if you spend a bunch of time among bandits, goblins, and other raider-y types in the beginning of the game, it follows that you’d want something kind of familiar for the middle game.

Githyanki are space pirates. Okay. Got it. From bandits to space pirates.

So. Other stuff. I’ve been reading a bunch of 2e material, combing for more background on Vecna. I think I was already aware he was something of a Villain Sue (second only to Orcus, and Iuz, and Iggwilv, and Bane, and Lolth, and Strahd, and… I guess D&D villains are prone to becoming Villain Sues), but it looks like he gets the executive treatment for a relative newcomer.

I hadn’t known about his connection to Iuz before, and in reading about Vecna, I found myself reading about Iuz, and of course Iggwilv. Less so much about Graz’zt, despite his obvious contribution.

Oh, and I’ve been reading about Orcus. And his deicidal rampage in Dead Gods. I didn’t know there had been a good of mind flayers. I guess I understand a little bit more of where Orcus’s fearsome reputation comes from — I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when he tried to straight-up murder the Raven Queen at the end of the first major story arc in 4e.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last little bit. Fun times.