I’m preparing now for the next stage in our 5e campaign — the one with all the characters and the badness with the world, lol.

We kind of ended on a cliff-hanger last time, with the PCs learning Vecna’s followers had successfully completed a ritual to siphon the life force of all living creatures in the world.

That was uh, back in April. Funny to think it’s been like, six weeks since then. Feels longer, kinda.

But am I digressing? I think I’m digressing.

What is there to look forward to? A lot, actually. I’ve been doing a bunch of research on a variety of fun topics, from 2e druid advancement to demon lords, and uh, everything in between?

No, what I’ve been doing is coming up worth some plot hooks for different members of the party. There are like, twenty-five or more of them now.

I don’t know if I care to make then all surprises, but among other things, there are:

* Lorik the druid is approached with an offer to become an attendant to a higher-level druid.
* Lady Emily receives a distressing letter from the Feywild, begging get to return home.
* The severed head of the rakshasa Zrixyss begins speaking to Anat (and only Anat, and only she can hear it).
* Anat receives a letter from Empress Minga (intended for Rupert) calling him home to fight the fomorians in the Feywild.
* Arly sends word from Hestavar that Zrixyss’s manor and possessions (in Hestavar) have been awarded to the party for their help in exposing the machinations of rakshasa.

I’m sure I’ll come up with some other stuff as we go, but that’s what comes to mind. There’s shenanigans afoot basically everywhere the players have been in the campaign thus far.

The last hook of course, is a messenger from the crossroad tavern. A gnome has recently arrived there, claiming to have escaped Silver Hollow. He claims to have a dire message, but will only speak with Anat.

My personal investment is in no one location, really. The idea is to provide the players with the opportunity to pick and choose where they want the adventures to go.

There’s plenty of stuff to draw their attention in the Feywild — the gnome empire led by Minga was on the brink of war with the fomorians.

Then there’s the matter of Trebarra Khan — the villain who claimed responsibility for Silver Hollow (only the party knows who is really to blame).

Then there’s Mauthereign, and the fanatic’s search for Vecna’s relics. (We have the technology, we can rebuild him.)

There’s the matter of the vampire kingdom in the south and the encroaching army. The party doesn’t really know what THAT is about, but armies pose all KINDS of problems.

Should be a lot of fun.