By chance, I spotted a reference to Ioun while reading a passage from the 4e Book of Vile Darkness. Something about the Tear of Ioun and unleashing horrors from the Far Realm.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite by chance. Horrors from the Far Realm are pretty much going to catch my attention.

So I went looking for the adventures in Dungeon magazine, and I skimmed one of them this morning. Ironically the third part of the trilogy (I was looking for the first one, but oh well, right?) but I only had like, fifteen minutes to read.

Well, it turns out the adventures don’t just feature horrors from the Far Realm, they feature one of my favorite obscure Far Realm entities: the Kaorti!

The 3e lore for the Kaorti wad that a group of wizards went a-calling to the Far Realm and got stuck there. They went mad from the revelation of learning whatever it was man wasn’t meant to know, and mutated into horrible, life-hating manatees. They have a whole Alien-resin thing going on with their design which I really dig.

Not really manatees.

Anyway, their 4e makeover describes the original wizards as disciples of Ioun, which is all kinds of delicious irony given the state of our home campaign. Now that I know the Kaorti are involved, I can’t NOT find some way to incorporate the events of this adventure into our campaign.

Aliens, man!

I don’t expect much trouble converting parts of the adventure from 4e to 5e, I mean once someone has pointed out to you how insignificant the rules of the game are in the grand scheme of things, suddenly you don’t really care where an adventure comes from anymore.

On the wiki front, I’ve been trying to decide what to transcribe next. I really want to put the primordials on next, since I’d like to round out all the Powers That Be from 4e, but there are other things to consider as well.

There’s always trying to maintain a level of interest necessary to plow on, and I’ve been combing Dragon for good-fun lore articles with even the faintest relevance to our campaign. Like that one updating lore about the githyanki pirate base.

I gotta say, before our recent adventure I didn’t care about the githyanki whatsoever. They were good for a laugh because–oh, their names, their appearance, their comparative irrelevance at low levels/tiers of play, pick a reason.

I mean I’d READ their lore before. I guess I was just missing the whole, “rules the Astral plane-btw we’re space pirates” thing. Among other things, they totally ARE relevant at low levels–they could just plane-shift to your hometown and get their enslaving on.

I’d say that’s pretty relevant.

I think it also follows that the major players at the mid-tier are all at war with each other: githyanki hate mind flayers, mind flayers hate everyone, beholders hate everyone…honestly you probably SHOULD fought dragons every step of the way just for some consistency.

With the githyanki revelation here, I should reexamine the middle tier for other stuff about monsters I missed. This seems like a big one that was just off my radar.

Whereas in the early levels of the game, the party is exploring the ruins of past empires, paragon (or the middle levels), the party seems to get involved with CONTEMPORARY empires–generally empires of monsters, but I can see how they might get involved with some more typical, humanoid empires.

Food for thought.