One of my evil characters from a previous campaign pulled a Hijacked By Ganon on our game. I’ve been auditing her assets as a character/villain in order to determine what kinds of resources she can bring to bear.

It’s a lot.

Prior to our campaign, she orchestrated a coup in the Shadowfell city of Gloomwrought. After worming her way into the party, planting a couple shape-shifting henchmen, acquiring the Book of Vile Darkness, and buying off a couple of the key political players, she disguised herself as the prince’s consort, organized a gala on his behalf, publically humiliated him, and drew him into a fight which the party won for her.

So I’ve been trying to establish what kind of stuff she has at her disposal. Silhouette was perhaps the single most charismatic and manipulative character I ever played–but she can’t work miracles. (Yet.)

In other words, there’s no way she can hold a rebellious city together by herself. She has a couple factors working for her though: the support of several prominent noble houses, lots of money, and she’s read the Evil Overlord List (well, I have, and I designed her with the List in mind).

Silhouette was careful to denounce the prince before he was overthrown, but even a glorious revolution doesn’t necessarily lead to a peaceful transition of power. Usually it’s just the opposite. Luckily she owns a significant share of the city’s economy and she’s an excellent broker.

One of my concerns was the gargoyles in Gargoyle Plaza. But as I said, Silhouette is an excellent broker. She makes it a point to know what everyone wants before she enters a deal. It should be a simple matter of finding a mutually-beneficial agreement with the gargoyles to retain their services.

In our campaign, we’ve established that the prince’s personal guard deserted following his demise. But Silhouette had been working before the coup to being in priestesses of Lolth to help oversee the transition following the coup.

There is also the matter of the goristro in the room. As in, the goristro she conned into her service. Everyone needs a trump. Silhouette’s is a siege engine that walks on two legs.

You’d think that would be enough, but Gloomwrought want her original goal. She’s a fanatical devotee of Lolth. Power by any means. Always more power.

That leads us to our present circumstance.

Silhouette has made the jump back to the Material Plane and has taken over the dungeon which was the centerpiece of our campaign.

I’m figuring on using the Stronghold Builder’s Guide from 3e to prove out the dungeon to get an idea of its value. I think a few things are going to drive that value into the stratosphere: after its size, there’s the size of its library.

Books are really, really valuable. And this is easily the largest library in the world–not counting the libraries of a deity or two. Maybe a demiplane. Still the biggest on the Material Plane.

The whole level of the dungeon has been cleared and made ready for a takeover. There are also laboratories, barracks, and an Oracle.

There’s an army now too, of snake-men, which she appropriated from my other patter character, whom I’d been grooming to be a villain. I don’t want to be caught in the classic trap of not using a perfectly good resource I’ve had at my fingertips all along.

So. Stronghold Builder’s Guide. Sounds like a party.