Last night, our group kinda tied off the end of our quest. After fighting off the orc dominion ship last week, we decided it was better not to keep it (shoddy orc craftsmanship), so we plundered it and scuttled it.

I tried to take a little time to get to know our githzerai captain. I’ve actually been trying to get to know him most of the time he’s been around, but this time I asked what he planned to do once he knew where the Lich queen’s phylactery could be found.

Important questions like, “and then do you expect us to get it for you?” You know, the REALLY important ones.

I found our he was part of some movement, some githzerai who were interested in reuniting the species. We discussed biological barriers to ideas like that, “what would you call the hybrids? Yank-zerai?” Jared helpfully offered, what? Zeryanks? I think that hit thrown out pretty quickly. Naming new species is harder than it looks.

I also asked our captain if he knew any good githyanki jokes. The best Amy of us could come up with at the time was, “how many githyanki does it take to change a sunglobe? All of them, because they’re stupid.”

We reached the Quom city-ship we had been looking for (our githzerai captain might have forgotten to tell us we were looking for something so large), and disembarked. I don’t know if it was just me, but the action did have a feeling of finality to it.

(I also made a point to ask our captain if he was planning a cunning betrayal of the Quom, because those sorts of plans go off better off you let the whole crew in on them. He did not have a betrayal planned, to my disappointment.)

Of course when we got to it, the Quom captain Etrham scoffed at our deal. Apparently he wasn’t willing to trade the location of the Lich queen’s phylactery to us for a chunk of his homeworld if he could just sink our ship and take it.

Which hadn’t actually been a threat. He was just expressing patience or something. I pointed out that he wasn’t just getting the shard of Lakal we were offering, he was also getting whatever shards could also be found in the githyanki city once the githzerai took over. He STILL wasn’t impressed.

Etrham started in on his quest-giver speech about a shard of Lakal his people had extracted from a vampire. The Quom later discovered the vampire had escaped from Ravenloft. Good for him, we all thought. Apparently the Quom believed Strahd von Zarovich had more Lakal shards embedded in HIS body.

“Oh.” We all thought. “And you want us to get them for you.”

Well, we DID manage to broker a deal with Etrham so that our githzerai captain got what he wanted and could be on his way. We did it by trading our services in the vampire-killing, shard-retrieving industry.

So yeah, quest complete.

Captain Katow, the Millennium Falcon (as we named the ship we replaced his old dingy with), and our dozen dwarf mercenaries sailed off in the knowledge that they were probably screwed–but not any more screwed than we were.

The Quom escorted us first to Sigil, and then to a portal in a tavern they knew of, which would take us right to the border of Barovia in the Shadowfell. We’d have to go on our own from there.

Before we left though, the Quom offered us some sweet loot. Jared’s dwarf fighter fit an amulet of githyanki-ness that allows him to wield that silver sword we found. Chrissy’s gnome druid got…something that escapes me at the moment. Ethan’s half-orc fighter got a mountain range on the future completed dominion of Lakal named after him (and 5 gold pieces). Leigh-Ann got a freaking ring of invisibility.

And I got the assurance that Strahd had a Talisman of the Sphere in his possession. I’m playing the long game, after all.

When we arrived in Barovia,we were immediately attacked by an oni. It hour us with cone of cold, which nearly resulted in a TPK. Then we killed it handily.

What a night.